Kinetic India Takes a Big Step intothe Future of DOOH

Programmatic advertising workshop

Kinetic Worldwide, India, a WPP entity and global player in the Out-Of-Home (OOH) media industry, has integrated the use of digital technologies across most oftheir services. In order to create awareness and bring their fellow media partners at par with industry trends, Kinetic India hosted a one of its kind workshop on Programmatic advertising Digital OOH (DOOH) on 12th July 2019 at the GroupM Mumbai office.

Classified as a by-invite only event, among the renowned media partners in attendance were Vyoma Media, Armour Digital OOH, All About Outdoor, Times Media, Signpost India, Jagran Engage, PlayAds and Skyrams. Along with Kinetic, industry veterans such as Bharat Khatri – Country Head of Xaxis, Kyle D’lyma – Associate Product Director of Xaxis, and Mayuresh Phadke – COO and Co-founder of LEMMA Technologies were key speakers at this exclusive event.

Iterating the vision of Kinetic, the workshop began with insights from Rachana Lokhande, Co-CEO of Kinetic Worldwide, India. “The purpose of the workshop has beento get media and technology partners to collaborate and build the programmatic ecosystem by marrying data across sources and platforms together to provide a seamless experience.” said Rachana.

The immersive, full of insights workshop saw how data and research can make OOH more engaging by amalgamating first party, location and other online and offline data points to create opportunities for marketeers to reach out to customers and get better ROI from outdoor advertising.

Part of the sessions were led by Xaxis and LEMMA Technologies who are tech partners to Kinetic. While Xaxis helps brands accelerate programmatic adoption of OOH by assuming risks that clients don’t often consider; LEMMA Technologies plays a crucial role by being an advertising platform for DOOH screen owners.

Bharat Khatri, Country Head, Xaxis India said, “Programmatic is often conflated with actions like retargeting, conversions, real time optimization & audience targeting. However, an advanced programmatic stack (DMPs, DSPs and SSPs) can map out many contexts such as consumer-proximity store, store visits, live triggers – weather, cricket scores and many other signals that ensure the right ad is served to the right person at the right moment. By nature, DOOH inventory is a perfect way to deliver relevant messages to consumers who are on the go. With the power of programmatic, DOOH is an automated inventory buying/selling process which takes advantage of location data to drive more meaningful measurement, quality engagement, allowing advertisers to scale omnichannel strategies.’’

“The workshop got publishers and demand partners together with LEMMA, providing the right tech platform for connecting screens to the programmatic ecosystem.” mentioned Mayuresh while speaking about the positive impact created by this unique initiative.

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