Truebil unveils its offline experience stores, Truebil Direct, a one-stop-shop for used cars


India’s only curated, authentic and verified virtual marketplace for pre-owned cars, Truebil has launched India’s first-ever, full-stack offline experience stores for used car sellers and buyers called Truebil Direct. While on the online marketplace, sellers can list their pre-owned vehicles and buyers can evaluate a wide range of cars, Truebil Direct takes the convenience a step further. Customers who wish to sell their cars urgently can get upfront quotes and Truebil Direct buys the car instantly. Moreover, as many sellers find it cumbersome to entertain potential buyers at their homes, the unique park-and-sell service allows them to park their cars at the Truebil Direct offline stores where the company offers complete selling assistance. With this launch, Truebil once again establishes its pioneering status as the leading provider of unique value propositions for used vehicle buyers and sellers making the process more seamless and convenient than ever before.

Additionally, unlike other used cars dealers in the country, Truebil Direct enables the car buyers to assess the condition and performance of the car directly by requesting for a 20-minute test drive. The entire purchasing process is easy and quick, without having the need of any prior appointments or unwanted negotiations.  Each car at Truebil Direct undergoes an intensive inspection by its in-house auto engineers and carries a detailed inspection report. For every car, 40 high-quality pictures are uploaded by the company, focusing on each dent/scratch so that consumers do not have to travel to places, just to have a look.

Buyers can shortlist and buy the best quality Truebil cars directly from the Truebil Direct stores with a 1-year comprehensive service warranty, 1-year Roadside assistance, and 1 Free servicing. Once purchased, Truebil takes care of all the end-to-end hassles of paperwork, loan and insurance. Being a one-stop online portal for buying and selling of used automobiles, Truebil Direct offers a long list of services to its users including Free Inspection and valuation, Quick sell guarantee, Free car buying consulting, Paper Transfer, Loan, Insurance and Car Spa.

Shubh Bansal, Co-founder and Chief of Marketing and Growth said, “Truebil Direct has been launched to help buyers choose and purchase pre-owned cars of the finest quality without worrying about aspects such as correct value, post-purchase dejection and long waiting periods for possession. We have also bundled in a host of services that make the experience of selling a car quick and easy. With upfront quotes, quick buys and the park-and-sell features as our core USP, we are certain that Truebil Direct will completely eliminate the hassles one traditionally associated with a used car purchase or sale transaction.”

Indians are rapidly opening up to new technologies and buying a used car online is being labeled as substantial progress in the country’s automobile ecosystem. As a result, the online marketplace has been witnessing a 20% growth MoM with more than 3,000 verified cars registered on its portal. So far, the platform has sold 2500+ cars in Mumbai alone worth 87.5 Cr GMV. Currently, Truebil’s sales rate in Mumbai is 125 cars per month.

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