FCB Group India Celebrates ‘FCB NOW’


FCB Group India has unveiled ‘FCB NOW’, an innovative program that synergizes brands and platforms to create cutting-edge solutions. This dynamic initiative was brought to life through FCB’s prestigious collaborations with industry powerhouses such as Amazon, Google, LinkedIn, Jio, Meta, and ShareChat. Together, they are shaping the future by addressing today’s pressing challenges through state-of-the-art solutions and opportunities.

“FCB NOW represents a significant opportunity for brands to not only understand the future of the digital landscape but also explore potential solutions for building new-age strategies using technology, AI and content, etc,” said Dheeraj Sinha, FCB Group CEO, India and South Asia. “We are excited to bring together some of the most influential platforms in the digital space to inspire our brands with solutions for the future. This program aligns with our company’s core mission of building Timeless and Timely brands, with creativity fuelled by diversity, data and technology to drive big brand success.”, he added.

FCB Now kickstarted with a panel discussion moderated by Dheeraj Sinha, titled ‘Evolution of Content – Crafting Compelling Narratives in the New Age.’ The panel explored the dynamic changes in storytelling and content creation in today’s digital landscape, emphasizing how brands can develop engaging narratives. Esteemed panelists shared their insights and experiences, addressing the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in content evolution. The panelists included Ali Harris Shere, Chief Operating Officer, ITC Foods, Biscuits & Cakes; Akash Deep Batra, Executive Director and Head of Marketing, Growth, Customer Experience, and Analytics, DBS Bank; Saket Jha Saurabh, Director of Content and Partnerships, Snapchat; and Shwetal Basu, Chief Marketing Officer, Shoppers Stop.

“MiniTV offers a unique opportunity to deliver innovative and engaging content along brand partnerships. We look forward to discussing the possibilities it presents for storytelling and audience engagement in the age of content led marketing. Partnering with FCB allows us to leverage their expertise and creativity to maximize the impact of our content for brands.”, said, Amogh Dusad, Head – Content, Amazon miniTV

“FCB NOW, is a truly innovative program, paving the way for collaborative effort between brands and digital platforms. We are committed to empowering FCB and its partners to create ‘Big Impact through Short Form Videos.’ We look forward to helping brands forge meaningful connections, engage with regional audiences across India and effectively reach the last mile with our 325 million strong community.”, said, Gaurav Jain, chief business officer, ShareChat and Moj.

The program ended with a panel discussion titled “Building Brands on Meta – Maximizing Creator Impact: From Always-On Presence to Full Funnel Engagement.” The panel was moderated by Tejasvin Samarath, Associate Director – Influencer Revenue & Partnerships, FCB Kinnect. The panelists included Venkatesh Kamath, Agency Partner at Meta, and popular content creators Viraj Ghelani, Rahul Subramanian, and Chandni Bhabhda.

This program emphasizes generating ideas, building innovative programs, creating workstreams, and solving client problems through new-age tools and solutions, including integrating AI and other advanced technologies.

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