Hindustan Times Unveils Elections Special, Empowering India to Explore General Elections Since 1952


Hindustan Times, the flagship newspaper of the HT Media Group, has launched the “Elections Special”, an engaging section in its mobile application designed to help India uncover its political landscape from inception to the present.

The newly launched section in the mobile application allows readers to explore pivotal events, learn about influential leaders, discover transformative milestones, and delve into the evolution of Indian politics. Readers can immerse themselves in this enriching exploration of India’s political heritage—where history comes alive—through various segments within the app.

The sections:

  • Explore the Eras: The entire electoral landscape has been divided into 6 eras – The Nehruvian Era (1952-1957-1962), The Opposition Rallies (1969-1971-1977), The Party at its Peak (1980-1984), The Saffron Right Rises (1989-1991-1996), The Era of Stable Coalitions (1999-2004-2009), and The Return of One Party Dominance (2014-2019) – to help readers relive the stories of past elections that shaped India’s political landscape.
  • Charts & Graphs: This section is designed to allow readers to navigate numbers behind the election, visualize historical election data pertaining to seats, vote share, state-wise trends, party performance, candidates, voter turnout, and more.
  • Election FAQs: In this section, readers can ask election-related questions about a party, state, MPs, and Prime Ministers.
  • From the Archives: Readers can delve into the rich tapestry of India’s democratic evolution with curated archives of Election history. Uncover pivotal moments, iconic leaders, and the nation’s progress through the annals of electoral heritage.
  • Live Layer: Readers can find the latest news, updates, election schedules, data stories, analysis to stay up-to-date on all electoral developments.

The Elections Special is available for free, only on the HT mobile application. Visit https://www.read.ht/S7Lr to download or update the app. Readers need to update to the latest version of the Hindustan Times mobile application to access this one-stop destination for all election-related information and news and enjoy a user-friendly interface for seamless navigation and an immersive reading experience.

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