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Joint study captures behavioral changes amongst women during the pandemic


To understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on working professionals and homemakers women a collaborative study was launched by HerHQ Media, MomJunction and DMC Insights. Aiming to capture the changes in Shopping Behaviour, Food Consumption, Skin Care, Household Chores and Health Consciousness, was the motive for this joint study.

The survey sample comprised of 1083 women aged 20 and above. The joint study teams used a river sampling method where the (India’s largest parenting platform) readers were invited to participate in a survey by administering a self-filled questionnaire. The findings have been published in the report titled “DEMISSTIFYING HER PRE VS. POST COVID-19 BEHAVIOUR”. The main takeaways show women’s consumption pattern in two distinct areas – food and skincare products and their household responsibilities that have increased post-COVID-19, therefore, impacting their buying decisions.

The factors guiding women’s grocery shopping behaviour post-COVID-19 are threefold. While quality, price, and brand remain the top three deciding factors, there was a rise in preference for the availability of products, assurance of hygiene, and nutrition. “Healthy over tasty” was the mantra adopted by women. There has been an increase in grocery consumption, observed sharply in the age band of 30 to 40 where the younger age group kids were at home and the experimentation with food is more prevalent. When asked about the reasons for buying groceries online or in person, the responses show a contrast in the results. While 61% of women said that they prefer online shopping for home delivery, 41% of physical grocery shoppers cited that preference for tangible shopping as the key reason.

Regarding health and fitness, limited mobility affected their workout routine (morning walks/running in the park etc.). 16% of women were not doing anything pre-COVID-19 but have started some physical exercise post-pandemic, which can be attributed to the COVID-19 paranoia. The findings also confirm the notion that women have claimed their beauty routines as their own, post-COVID-19. They shifted their focus to skincare as a whole instead of focusing on grooming alone.


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