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OPPO launches its flash charging project: The Flash Initiative

Madhushree Chakrabarty February 24, 2021

OPPO launches its flash charging project: The Flash Initiative, to mark a new era in mobile charging technology. The initiative is based on OPPO’s VOOC flash charging which can help in bringing faster charging to every area of consumers’ lives. The development of the Flash Initiative was the result of OPPO’s commitment to making consumers’ lives easier.

FAW-Volkswagen, Anker, and NXP Semiconductors are the new partners and each of them will be working with proprietary technical designs by OPPO. These technical designs have been applied for over 2,950 flash charging patents worldwide, with more than 1,400 has already been granted. The flash charging takes groundbreaking IP beyond consumer’s phone chargers at home, expanding to cars, public spaces, and chips inside a wide variety of technologies.

The VOOC flash charging can easily be seen at Mobile World Congress, Shanghai (MWCS), at booth number N2-E40. 

Speaking at MWCS today, Adler Feng, Senior Director of Intellectual Property at OPPO said, The Flash Initiative reflects OPPO’s belief in human-centric technologies that make a difference in people’s everyday lives. And thanks to our new partners, our proprietary technologies can reach more people than ever before. This is a vital step in freeing consumers to use their devices however they want, no matter what they need to do or where in the world they are.”

Cynthia Tan, Brand Director at Anker Innovations China said: Our users have always been the top priority at Anker, and this perfectly matches OPPO’s human-centric philosophy. From day one, we wanted to use our innovations to bring the best charging technology we could to as many people as possible. By working with OPPO, we’re looking forward to giving our customers new flash charging experiences.

Will Wang, Product Manager of Smart Power & IoT Solutions at NXP Semiconductors said: “We’re working to build a smarter world, and faster charging is a crucial part of this. If we’re going to improve people’s lives through technology, then we need to make their daily experiences easier and more convenient—and OPPO’s VOOC flash charging technology does exactly that.”


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