Pepsi forays into the world of NFTs with its ‘Pepsi Black Zero Sugar’ collection in India

Pepsi forays into the world of NFTs with its ‘Pepsi Black Zero Sugar’ collection in India

Not an NFTexpert? No hassle, Pepsi® has got you covered on your plans to own an NFT!  With an intent to deepen the connect with the ever-evolving and digitally savvy SWAG generation, Pepsi®, today announced the launch of its first-ever non-fungible tokens (NFTs) collection for the Indian consumers.

PepsiCo India Design Team in partnership with illustrator, Timea Balo has exclusively curated the NFT collection for Pepsi Black anchored on the brand’s pillars of Innovation, Self-Expression, and Evolution. Rooted in the brand beliefs, Pepsi® will release a set of 20 NFTs minted on the for Pepsi Black.

Inspired by the brand philosophy of Pepsi® Black, the NFT collection is an ode to the younger generation who believes in self-expression and is deeply entrenched in technology. The NFT art collectibles are centred on the alterations around the classic Pepsi® Black™ ‘Zero’ visual, inspired from brand’s passion points to portray poignant nuances such as sustainability, rhythm, movement, creativity, art, the progressing world of social media and gamification. With three variations of each theme and four variations inspired from music, the ’Pepsi Black Zero Sugar’ collection will be listed on Open Sea, the world’s first and largest web3 marketplace for NFTs and crypto collectibles.

The NFTs will be given away to the winners of #PepsiBlackeffect challenge conducted on the Indian homegrown social media platform, Moj. Consumers can enter the contest, using the quirky Pepsi® Black lens and flaunt their max SWAG personas to get a chance to win Pepsi® Black’s maiden NFTs.

Speaking on the NFT collection, Saumya Rathor, Category Lead, Pepsi Cola, PepsiCo India, said, “Pepsi has always been at the forefront of cultural evolutions, globally as well as in India. Our endeavour is to transform our product as well as our narratives to align with the evolving youth. Our foray into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for the Indian consumers is a testimony of the same belief. The ‘Pepsi Black Zero Sugar’ NFT collection will personify and bring alive the world of Pepsi Black by leveraging passion points which resonate the most with the youngsters today such as fashion, gaming, music, social media, dance, creativity, and environment. To present an accessible opportunity to our consumers, these NFTs will be given through an engaging #PepsiBlackeffect challenge on India’s homegrown social media platform, Moj.”

Commenting on the NFTs, Tanu Sinha, Design Director, PepsiCo India, said, “Pepsi has strongly associated with popular culture and passion points such as music, dance, art, and environment with its legacy of disruptive narratives over the years. Pepsi’s design strategy, also, over the years, has witnessed a significant shift with the acceleration of a digital-forward and social-media savvy world. We have evolved our design sensibilities to connect with the younger generation to further Pepsi’s mission to create a culture that propagates innovation. The launch of Pepsi’s first-ever ‘Pepsi Black Zero Sugar’ NFT collection is another step towards this direction. With Pepsi Black’s ‘Zero’ sugar philosophy at its core, these collectible art NFTs have been designed keeping in mind the passion points those youngsters can connect and relate with.”

How to enter the #PepsiSwag challenge

Consumers can use India’s largest short video platform Moj, to enter the exciting #PepsiBlackEffect challenge by Pepsi®️ Black by simply clicking on the ‘Pepsi Black Zero Sugar’ lens in the app. The lens is exclusively created to epitomise Pepsi®️ Black’s ‘Max taste, zero sugar’ philosophy. Consumers can enter the world of Pepsi®️ Black and flaunt their SWAG show by clicking four portraits in the lens along with the product and the brand’s irreverent SWAG. Winners will be selected from these collages and given distinct NFTs from India’s first-ever ‘Pepsi Black Zero Sugar’ collection, which will be listed on the Open Sea. Consumers will be required to have a web3 wallet to receive the NFTs. The NFT is minted and transferred on the Polygon blockchain. Winners will also receive Pepsi®️ merchandise along with the NFTs.

#PepsiBlackEffect Challenge on MOJ

Guardian Link, a pioneer and innovator of NFT Technologies with its roots embedded in the Blockchain world since 2016, will support the winners in creating their wallets for the NFTs to be transferred for a hassle-free and smooth process.

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