Redcliffe Life Diagnostics onboards Milind Soman as brand ambassador


Redcliffe Life Diagnostics , a leading new-age diagnostics company announced their collaboration with Milind Soman today. The association aims at creating awareness among the people regarding the importance of health check-ups for the timely diagnosis and treatment of ailments. This is primarily needed as the country is witnessing a rise in health challenges like Covid-19, Black Fungus, etc.

Redcliffe Life Diagnostics, pioneer in gene based testing in India is now also pushing preventive healthcare and diagnostic space believes that having Milind onboard, will help them in reaching to wider audiences in order to create awareness about public health in general.

Expressing his pleasure to collaborate with Milind, Dheeraj Jain, Founder of Redcliffe Life Diagnostics, said,, “We are really delighted to have Milind Soman on board, he is a true ambassador and advocate of healthy living. He can be a great stimulus to encourage people to get routine health check-ups done on a regular basis. Covid-19 has exponentially pushed health consciousness, but still there is an aversion towards getting tested. People associate getting tested with being ill or sick, and this is the myth we want to break with Milind on board. One proper health check-up at any of our centers covers around 100+ tests on an individual, and the easy to interpret reports give the individual key health check-points, which can  help in diagnosing and treating serious diseases on time.”

Milind Soman also expressed his thoughts on the association, “I am happy to collaborate with Redcliffe Life Diagnostics because I believe that regular health checkups can help to catch disease early and also help people to choose the right lifestyle and habits for themselves. It is great to see how the medical industry is changing with organized and professional corporates like Redcliffe advocating profusely about preventive healthcare in India. Seeing their affordable yet advanced health packages from blood based tests to fitness/wellness genetic testing, I am sure more people will be encouraged to be proactive towards health checkups.” 

Redcliffe Life Diagnostics has been working extensively during both waves of the pandemic, when people needed to be tested with the RT-PCR tests, by conducting tests extensively not only at their clinics, but also through home collection of samples. The company is also planning to integrate app-based booking and aims to build and train a strong team of phlebotomists to offer a diverse range of tests at their centers. It has multiple testing facilities, including full body check-ups, genomics and specialized genetics, Covid tests, blood-sugar, prescription-based tests, and so on. Redcliffe Life Diagnostics is currently present in 20+ cities, and with the current surge in the need for getting different kinds of tests done amidst the ongoing pandemic, the company is planning to expand to around 100+ cities in a couple of years.


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