ZEE Biskope launches yet another Category First; Brand Visits Viewer Homes in Ghar Duariya Birthday Lahariya


In its inaugural week, ZEE Biskope quickly became the dominant force in the market, elevating the presentation of a movie channel in the Bhojiwood genre like never before. The channel not only set several industry standards but also positioned itself as a pioneering influencer within the category. Through blockbuster premieres, carefully curated movie festivals, and innovative viewer engagement initiatives, ZEE Biskope has established its status as a proven preferred brand. The brand has brought multiple initiatives that the Bhojpuri market has never been exposed to and hence proved to be a thought leader throughout its remarkable journey. As the brand commemorates its 4th anniversary on December 21, it’s time to thank the viewers for showering their love and blessings on the much-loved family entertainer in Bhojiwood. With much gratitude, ZEE Biskope is all set to continue its promise of delivering category first initiatives to the Bhojpuri audience. The channel launches Ghar Duariya Birthday Lahariya – a campaign that celebrates the outstanding journey of the channel with its ardent viewers. For the first time ever in the history of Bhojiwood, a brand will reach directly in-person to the viewer’s house along with Bhojiwood’s superstar Arvind Akela Kallu to celebrate the brand’s fourth birthday along with the viewer families. The association of the viewers with the brand goes way notches higher with this initiative where the distance between the reel and the real world diminishes and the viewer becomes a part of the brand family. Read along to know how the brand plans this unique initiative.

Viewers are invited to watch the prime-time movie on ZEE Biskope between 6 – 9 pm from 10 to 16 December. A question will be flashed during the movie that will have four answer options. Viewers need to give a missed call on 8563856307. Upon call back, they need to choose the right answer options in the IVR. The campaign running for a week will have 7 winners who will have the great opportunity to host Arvind Akela Kallu while he celebrates ZEE Biskope’s birthday with the viewer families. The celebration at the viewer’s home will include an array of activities such as games, dance, candid conversations with the family, cake cutting, and an abundance of fun with the entire family. This unique initiative aims to bring the magic of Bhojiwood directly to the homes of ZEE Biskope’s dedicated viewers.

On the brand’s birthday i.e., December 21st, ZEE Biskope will broadcast a special 30-minute episode between 6:00 pm and 6:30 pm anchored by Arvind Akela Kallu. This show will encapsulate the essence of the celebration that ZEE Biskope had with all the seven viewer families, providing a comprehensive and entertaining overview of the fun, frolic & merriment that the Biskope lovers truly deserved.

Speaking about this unique initiative, Samrat Ghosh, Chief Cluster Officer – East, ZEEL, said, “ZEE Biskope has undoubtedly been a thought leader for introducing distinctive and groundbreaking marketing initiatives, setting precedents in the Bhojpuri category. Even this time, the brand extends its innovative approach on its birthday campaign. Ghar Duariya Birthday Lahariya initiative is a testament to our commitment in creating immersive experiences for our viewers. The campaign’s TV- Ground – TV route not just gratifies viewers for watching Biskope but even brings Bhojiwood right into their homes and then showcases the celebration with viewer families to the world. Its specially designed to ensure not just the brand but even its associate partners also have a one-on-one bond with the esteemed viewers. Given its unique format where viewers will experience brand up close and personal, its expected to drive positive results for us.

Amarpreet Singh Saini, Chief Channel Officer – Bhojpuri Cluster, ZEEL added, “In the Bhojpuri heartland, our viewers are regarded not only as spectators but as integral members of our extended family. As we rejoice four years of Bhojiwood magic by brand Biskope, we continue to live upto our promise of bringing category first concepts to our viewers. This initiative is an opportunity to foster deeper connections, meaningful association, and preserve enduring memories with our viewers. Through this campaign, we endeavor to showcase the true family-oriented character of Biskope with a personal touch. There could be no better way of saying ‘Thank You’ to our viewers who have so dearly endorsed our remarkable journey.” 

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