Zee News hits 4470 hours, 315 Million YouTube Viewership in March 2023


Zee News has been able to achieve a remarkable viewership score, as a result of its new look, its flagship DNA show focusing on impact on ‘Give Plastic Take Gold’ and ‘Right to Repair’ and the launch of Newsroom Live and Addha Din Puri Khabar. It proved to be a boon to Zee News Indeed!

The news channel has surpassed its competitors yet again, leading with a remarkable viewership score of 315 million on YouTube and 4470 hours of viewing, making it the No.1 and the most-trusted news channel of India.

As per the YouTube monthly stats in March 2023, Zee News has been ahead of Aaj Tak (280 million views) viewership. The channel also overtook its competitors Aaj Tak, TV9 Bharatvarash, News18 India, News 24, ABP News significantly.

Zee News had unveiled its new look and design, implementing a futuristic approach aiming to connect with viewers in a strategic. The dawn of the fresh look also helped in earning the trust of new audiences through a better viewing experience. While Newsroom Live and Addha Din Puri Khabar focused on impactful news episodes, the Zee News- DNA Show exclusively episodes on informative stories/ campaigns like ‘Give Plastic, Take Gold’, ‘Right to Repair’, Health Insurance, etc encouraged citizens to take informed decisions on the same

Commenting on the remarkable achievement, Rajnish Ahuja, Editor, Zee News, said, “Zee News has been consistent in reporting and presenting real-time news from a nationalist perspective. The increase in the number of eyeballs in March 2023 is, in fact, an encouraging factor for our entire team to customize program packaging and keep the audience engaged and continue with the same momentum.”

“We, at Zee News, have been focusing on content, and revenue is just a by-product and expect a significant increase, especially being an election year, with multi-times growth across the network. In fact, news consumption via Zee News, as we have also been able to cater to the digital audience by creating new formats for social media platforms like Zee News Social. Our goal is to become number one, in terms of revenue,” added Abhay Ojha, Chief Business Officer, ZMCL.

Being the pioneer in the history of Indian (Private) news channels, ZEE Network has been at the forefront of delivering the news from a nationalist perspective.

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