Anjan Dutt brings a unique love story titled ‘Finally Bhalobasha’

Finally Bhalobasha poster

Anjan Dutt is ready with three idiosyncratic love stories put together in one film right before Valentine’s Day. Produced by SVF, the film is called ‘Finally Bhalobasha’ -slated to release on 8th February 2019. The film carries the tagline: “Hormones run faster than emotions”.

The official trailer of Finally Bhalobasha was released today digitally. It gives us a glimpse of the 3 stories namely –

A trapped woman in search of freedom in Asansol where Raima Sen is married to a business manplayed by Arindam Sil who regularly beats her up and kills anyone who comes in their way. Arjun Chakrabarty is his assistant who takes pity on Raima Sen and tries to help her escape the clutches of Arindam Sil.

A dying man in search of a friend in Darjeeling where Anirban Bhattacharya is a young man who wished to be an actor. However, due to his ailing health he cannot ever fulfill his lifelong dream and thus, seeks friendship and remorse in the arms of his nurse, Suprobhat Das.

A lost girl in search of love in Kolkata where Sauraseni Maitra, a confused soul who has a disturbed family background finds refuge in Anjan Dutt’s house who appreciates her independent ways.

Watch the Trailer : here

These are passionate love stories with twists and turns. Tabooed relationships that are thrilling, dramatic yet laced with humour. As the stories progress, all protagonists realise the true meaning of love, they come to terms with life and find hope. In an interesting manner, all the stories come together and end as one which is ‘Finally Bhalobasha’.

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