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Great tales of Indian mythological heroes now available on Audible Suno

MediaInfoline July 15, 2020

Audible has always been passionate about the transformative power of storytelling, and in keeping with that belief it has launched a new range of mythological audio series on Audible Suno. This new collection offers tales of adventure, wisdom, humility, courage and patience from Indian mythology and will be available absolutely free of cost and ad-free on the Audible Suno app for Android users in India.

This new collection includes:

  • Maha Ganesh takes listeners on a journey of Lord Ganesh’s adventures, from his childhood days to when he fights off Asuras, while offering several life lessons along the way.
  • Shiva Gatha takes listeners through key moments of Lord Shiva’s life, such as the creation of the Holy Trinity and his transformation into the Rudra form.
  • Pawan Putra Hanuman is an endearing tale of Lord Hanuman’s childhood, his mischief making, his training in various arts by several gods until he joins Lord Rama, Laxman, Sita in their exile.
  • Jai Jai Shani Dev is the story of Lord Shani and his experiences of humility, patience and nobility, while also attempts to demystify some of the myths surrounding him.
  • Vishnu Leela is based on the divine play of Lord Vishnu, one of the divine trinity gods, and takes listeners through some of the most revered stories from ancient scriptures.

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