This New Year’s Weekend get inspired with Films to See Before You Die

The countdown to 2018 has begun, and we’re almost at the start of the New Year. Another year, full of stories, memories, highs and lows – so when it comes to starting a new year, some inspiration always helps. So let the masterminds of cinema help you stay back home, reminiscence the year and vow to make a difference before you step out to celebrate the New Year Weekend!

A binge of Films to See Before You Die awaits you on Star Movies Select HD starting 30th December 7 AM all the way till 1st January 2018 to help you bring in the New Year with films that revolutionized story-telling in Hollywood!

The festival has a collection of some of the best stories including Philadelphia, a gripping tale that earned Tom Hanks his first Oscar® win as an actor in a leading role. May such award winning movies that include the finest tale of friendship in Steven Spielberg’s ET that won 4 Oscars ®. The three-day binge starting 30th December also has a host of stellar stories including The Deer Hunter, The Apartment, The Sting to name a few. These movies are part of Hollywood’s Hall of Fame and Star Movies Select HD gives its viewers a chance to experience these stories all through the New Year weekend.

To ensure that the experience of being with these stories lingers on much after you witness the same on Star Movies Select HD, we will be engaging with the connoisseurs of cinema with interesting QnA and the knowledgeable few stand a chance to take home beautiful movie art paintings – created exclusively for Films of See Before You Die by some of the gifted artists of India. To know more about the paintings, follow @StarMoviesIndia and to continue witnessing some of the best stories come alive – keep watching Star Movies Select HD all through the new year!

Tune in to Star Movies Select HD on 30th December 7:00 AM onwards to watch the special line-up of Films to See Before You Die.

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