Sony BBC Earth discovers the answers to numerous astounding secrets with ‘Secrets Revealed’

Sony BBC Earth discovers the answers to numerous astounding secrets with 'Secrets Revealed'

Humans are curious beings! They have found ways to communicate with beings across the globe and even embarked on multiple expeditions to explore space. But there’s still so much left to discover. Some are as basic as questions about how the human body works and everything about life. The answer to many of these can be found in Sony BBC Earth’s property titled ‘Secrets Revealed’. It is a collection of anthology episodes of mysteries revealing fascinating facts and the amazing science behind everything – from the secret life of babies to the truth about the things we use in our daily lives.

Secret life of Babies

Ever wondered what a new born baby sees and hears? How do they perceive the world? Why are they able to swim underwater? How do they socialize? And why do toddlers throw tantrums? There are so many questions for which we do not have answers. It is because the first three years of a human’s life are crucial as it is the time when the child learns to walk, talk, and socialize. However, as an adult, baby behaviour is both mystifying and fascinating. This show will delve into the unimaginably colourful and coded world of babies that are incomprehensible to grown-ups.

Secret life of Twins

Identical twins are fascinating to see. They share the same DNA and grow up to have striking similarities as well as staggering differences. It is interesting to see similar-looking children grow up to be entirely different individuals. The show takes you through some of these extraordinary stories that highlight not only what it means to be a twin, but also what it means to be human.

Secret of Everything

Exploring the uncanny science behind everything from belly flops to black holes with delightfully simple lo-fi demonstrations, hi-tech gadgets, and crazy stunts often take our imagination on a different level altogether. So, if you have ever wondered why the sky is blue, how to survive a lightning strike, or how many helium balloons are required to carry a human, this is the show for you.

Secret life of Growing Up

Humans evolve from children to adults via stories of resilience and reinvention. Growing up is the most dramatic process in the animal kingdom for humans. In fact, we are the only species that requires a ‘teenage’ to accommodate the dramatic changes in our bodies and brains. Know a lot more about growing up in the show Secret Life of Growing Up.

Secret life of Dogs

 There is no denying that we humans adore our canines. Man, and dog have coexisted for thousands of years. But how much do you really know about your best friend? It is intriguing to see a puppy from birth to motherhood, transforming from a blind and deaf into a highly sophisticated being. Watch this show to know more about the secret life of pets.

 Secrets of Human Body

 The human body is complex. It’s a scientific marvel, and much about it is still unknown. From a chilly dip in an icy lake that demonstrates how shivering may save our lives, to low-level torture in a London laboratory demonstrating how our bodies block pain. The fascinating and finely tuned systems keep the human body moving – and the scientists are still guessing.

 There are many more secrets to be revealed, which you would want to know. Tune in to ‘Secrets Revealed’ only on Sony BBC Earth from July 13th, 2022, from 8 pm to 9 pm.

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