Sony YAY! packs in tons of cheer for kids, this Christmas!

Sony Yay Jingle Jholmaal

It’s that phase of the year, where kids excitedly look forward to the warm and fun holiday feeling. In this season, children get a sense of the happiness, excitement and nearly ‘magical’ cheerfulness the time brings in. Usher up the festive mood, as Sony YAY! dons the Santa hat promising to indulge its little fans with loads of laughter and thrill-seeking adventure mysteries, as it kicks off its holiday programming for December with a grand campaign Jingle Jholmaal. Spreading the celebratory spirit, the original content showcase includes the launch of a brand-new show, their second movie on television and new episodes of their flagship shows that are sure to up the merriment quotient.

The characters of Sab Jholmaal Hai have been gaining a lot of popularity amongst the kids and have garnered a vast fan base and favoritism within the young fans. Therefore, following the success of the show, the channel announces their big and foremost Christmas campaign, Jingle Jholmaal.  As a part of the campaign, Sony YAY! will showcase their second movie titled Honey Bunny ka Space Adventure. A fun-filled outer space adventure, the movie will regale the young fans with a story of four best friends – Honey, Bunny, Zordaar, and Popat, who go out of their way to save an alien planet ruled by the evil villain, Dozong & his accomplice. The fun for the Jholmaal fans doesn’t end here, as they will also enjoy entertaining & hilarious episodes of their favorite show, Sab Jholmaal Hai.  Apart from the phenomenal line-up, the campaign would have a special Christmas jingle to celebrate the festivities on the channel.

Festive surprises don’t just stop here, Christmas bounty has another dose of fun as Sony YAY! launches a brand new show –  FAB 5- Mission Tango. The new home-grown desi series promises to be an adventure-laden roller coaster ride bundled up with a huge dollop of comedy.

The show marks the latest original offering from the channel since its launch earlier this year. FAB 5 – Mission Tango entails the journey of three enthusiastic kids – Heer, Beer, Meer, a zesty but retired professor – Prof Khodkar and their loyal lackey – Boss, who travel the world helping friends and solving mysteries.

The channel will also launch brand new episodes of its original series Guru Aur Bhole and Paap-O-Meter, adding loads of fresh content this festive season.

Leena Lele Dutta, Business Head, SPN Kids Genre said,“Christmas is an important festival for kids not just because its vacation time but also because it’s the time to spread cheer. Staying true to Sony YAY!’s promise we thought we’d play Santa and increase the glee in kids’ lives and give our audiences surprises that we know they will love. We have worked towards loading the channel with multiple new offerings that are sure to keep them happily entertained throughout the holiday season.”

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