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Movie Review: Mulk – Takes a dig on some social dilema

MediaInfoline August 6, 2018

Producer: Anubhav Sinha, Deepak Mukut
Director: Anubhav Sinha
Music: Anurag Saikia, Mangesh Dhakde
Cast: Taapsee Pannu, Rishi Kapoor, Prateik Babbar, Ashutosh Rana, Rajat Kapoor, Manoj Pahwa, Neena Gupta, Prachi Shah
Rating: 4/5

Story: Mulk story revolves around a Muslim family based out in Benaras. Two brothers (Rishi Kapoor and Manoj Pahwa) along with wives (Nina Gupta and Prachi Shah) and children lead a happy life in the city. But the youngest son of the family engrosses himself in the terrorism activity. The act then lead to a bomb blast in another city. Eventually the family determines the involvement of their son in the massacre. Then the story interprets the minute details of social and official trauma of an innocent family, who knows nothing about the terrorism plans happening in the house. Later their daughter-in-law (Taapsee Pannu) runs the case to defend the family free of any charge.

Review: ‘Mulk’ refers to the country a person is residing. The first admirable thing is that the story doesn’t move out of the plot at any moment. With the presence of such good actors, the directorial skill justified itself. The courtroom scenes are well captured, especially the counter attacks of the respective lawyers. The dialogues are very well written and carried out wonderfully. Though the music isn’t much soothing and sometimes it’s more distracting.

Director Anubhav Sinha has portrayed a simple story on the screen while touching the various emotional chords. There are certain barriers that our country suffers presently. Terrorism is one among them. Anubhav Sinha perfectly apprehends each string of the after effects when a family member turns wilfully into a terrorist.

Murad Ali Mohammed (Rishi Kapoor) plays the elder brother in the family, who is a lawyer by profession and a respectable person among friends and family. And he never fails to impress you playing the character. Neena Gupta plays his wife, who is a fun loving and happy person. Bilal Mohammed (Manoj Pahwa) is shown as the younger brother of the house, who is not as financially independent as the elder one. In certain scenes, Manoj has beautifully touched the emotional chords. Prachi Shah plays his wife. Murad Ali has a son who stays in foreign and daughter-in law, Aarti Mohammed (Taapsee Pannu) plays a lawyer in the film. Bilal has a daughter and son, Shahid Mohammed (Prateik Babbar), casted as a terrorist.

Taapsee Pannu plays the main lead in the film; nevertheless each character has significance in the film. In some scenes such as courtroom she delivers excellent presence though she fails to impress at times while delivering long monologues. Other casts such as Ashutosh Rana (as prosecutor) and Rajat Kapoor (as investigating officer) makes an imprint with their flawless acting. In first few scenes, the city of Benaras have been displayed which is again a pleasing delight. There are some shots where the communal harmony has been portrayed beautifully.

Mulk shares some strong social evils like terrorism and it’s after effects on the innocent families. The movie also captures some more important social trauma like ill treatment with a particular religion. There are other immoral acts as well that prevails the society but we often suppress them and continue to disrupt our communal harmony.


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