YieldWiseX Appoints Senior Hires to Drive Growth and Expansion

: "Nishant Arora and Nikhil Agrawal, new senior hires at YieldWiseX, responsible for driving growth and exploring new business opportunities."


YieldWiseX strengthens its leadership team with the appointment of Nishant Arora as Head of Credit & Business and Nikhil Agrawal as Chief of Staff, to accelerate growth and explore new business opportunities in India and global markets.


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The Addition of Senior Hires Strengthens YieldWiseX’s Position in the Global Market

The recent announcement by YieldWiseX regarding the appointment of Nishant Arora as Head of Credit & Business and Nikhil Agrawal as Chief of Staff signifies the company’s commitment to accelerating growth and capitalizing on new business opportunities in India and global markets. This move undoubtedly strengthens YieldWiseX’s leadership team and positions them for non-linear growth and success in the prop-tech investment industry.

Nishant Arora, with his extensive experience in merger & acquisition consulting, debt and equity fundraising, and post-merger integrations, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. His proven track record of driving growth and success in previous organizations, combined with his comprehensive understanding of the investment landscape, will undoubtedly contribute to YieldWiseX’s ability to scale its products and offerings and attract new clients and investors.

Similarly, Nikhil Agrawal’s decade of experience in operations and management consulting, coupled with his background in civil engineering and infrastructure management, makes him a valuable addition to YieldWiseX’s leadership team. Given his previous roles in strategic planning, streamlining operations, and achieving organizational goals, Nikhil’s expertise will be instrumental in establishing and optimizing business processes and driving new initiatives for the company.

The CEO of Aurum WiseX, Mr. Aryaman Vir, rightly emphasizes the increasing investor interest in the alternative investment landscape in India. By focusing on quality investment curation and investor centricity, YieldWiseX is aligning its growth strategy with the changing market dynamics. The addition of Nishant and Nikhil to the team further enhances the company’s ability to cater to the needs of its investors and deliver innovative investment frameworks.

YieldWiseX’s dedication to inclusive and sustainable growth, as mentioned by Nishant Arora, is commendable. With a strong track record in creating value for stakeholders through equity and debt instruments, YieldWiseX has positioned itself as a trusted and reliable investment platform. This commitment, combined with the expertise and passion of the entire team, is a recipe for success.

In conclusion, the announcement of the senior hires at YieldWiseX marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards becoming the largest global neo-realty investment platform. With a positive bias, it is clear that YieldWiseX is well-positioned for growth and is equipped with the right talent to drive success in the prop-tech industry.


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YieldWiseX strengthens its leadership team with senior hires to accelerate growth

YieldWiseX has announced the appointment of two industry experts at senior leadership level to bolster new business opportunities and unleash non-linear growth for the company in India and global markets. To build a cutting-edge Prop-Tech investment platform, YieldWiseX has on boarded Nishant Arora as Head of Credit & Business and Nikhil Agrawal as Chief of Staff.

Nishant Arora, an IIT Kharagpur alumnus, has joined as the Head of Credit & Business, and his expertise will be used to identify deals, analyze their viability, safeguard clients as well as investor interest to drive growth at YieldWiseX. Having worked with IBM & Klub, Nishant is a highly accomplished professional with an experience of working in areas of merger & acquisition consulting, debt and equity fundraising, and post-merger integrations. Nishant was also briefly engaged in entrepreneurial endeavors with STC Ventures. His comprehensive knowledge, strategic vision, and consistent track record has contributed to the growth and success of these organizations and his expertise will aid YieldWiseX in scaling its products and offerings further.

IIT Madras Alumnus, Nikhil Agrawal, comes with a decade of experience in operations and management consulting. Before YieldWiseX, he held responsibilities of Chief of Staff at Medtrail and Head of Operations at Vodoo and Shipsy where he actively contributed to strategic planning, streamlining of operations, policy development, and worked with senior leadership to achieve organizational goals. Nikhil holds a degree in Civil Engineering and an M.Tech in Infrastructure Management from IIT Madras. At YieldWiseX, Nikhil will be responsible for establishing and optimizing business processes and propelling new initiatives from ground zero to achieve remarkable success.

Commenting on strengthening the leadership team, Mr. Aryaman Vir, CEO of Aurum WiseX said, “India is witnessing rising investor interest in the alternative investment landscape, and we expect this trend to continue. As we focus on growth, quality investment curation, and investor centricity will continue to be our guiding north star metrics. In our endeavour to deliver cutting-edge investment frameworks, we prioritize investing in top talent, understanding that our dedicated and passionate team is the cornerstone of innovative solutions and delivers exceptional quality. With Nikhil and Nishant on board, we are confident that YieldWiseX will become the largest global neo-realty investment platform. This noteworthy progression brings us closer to presenting our esteemed investors and valued stakeholders with a diverse range of enriched investment propositions, tailored to provide unprecedented access and a strong value proposition.”

On his appointment, Nishant Arora, Head of Credit & Business said, “I am thrilled to be part of the WiseX team and to contribute to its purpose of offering innovative investment frameworks to the investors. As we foresee huge demand in the alternative investment realm, Aurum WiseX is on a growth curve and has a strong track record of creating maximum value for its stakeholders via equity and debt instruments. I look forward to being a part of the team and significantly adding to its continued commitment to inclusive and sustainable growth.”

Further, Nikhil Agrawal, Chief of Staff commented, “Within just 3 years of operations, WiseX team has performed exceptionally well, creating a strong footing in the neo-realty investment landscape. I am delighted to be a part of such a stellar team and eager to contribute to building YieldWiseX platform as India’s most preferred investment platform. This is an exciting opportunity for me to build alignment and drive cross functional collaboration to multiply the growth trajectory at WiseX.”

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