Animal Planet brings ‘Saare Jahaan Se Achha’ with RaagaTrippin’

Animal Planet ropes in A-Capella group RaagaTrippin’

A soulful natural symphony music video has been released by Animal Planet this Republic Day in which it has roped in RaagaTrippin’, the famous Indian A-capella group known for creating instrument-free music. Exclusively produced for Animal Planet’s popular series ‘India’s Wild Tales’, this unique rendition of the famous patriotic song ‘Saare Jahaan Se Achha’ has been composed through human voices. ‘India’s Wild Tales’ captures the serenity of nature and the majestic rich biodiversity that exists in the varied terrains across the Indian sub-continent, in a month-long relay of India special wildlife.

Through 5 band members’ voices, RaagaTrippin’, produces soothing and extremely impressive animal and bird sounds like Peacock, Elephant, Monkey, Lion, Chimpanzee in this melodious symphony, which is bound to take the audience on a wild tour. Over the mesmerizing natural sounds, this special creation will showcase the charismatic visuals of India’s wildlife and it will display that India is home to an amazing array of wildlife.

Talking about this initiative, the members of RaagaTrippin’ said, “When Animal Planet approached us to create this jingle using just our 5 voices, celebrating the diverse wildlife from all across India in a patriotic sense, we jumped at the opportunity!  It was a fresh new challenge recreating the wildlife and nature calls, tones and unique jungle sound characteristics along with a twist of our own.” They added, “Many of the sounds voiced by us were done for the first time and it took a lot of trial and error getting them right. These included the Peacock, the roar of the Lion, Elephant, Tiger, Chimpanzee and various Birds to name a few. But now looking back at this, we’re extremely proud to have had this experience and the privilege of representing the voice of the Indian wildlife with Animal Planet!”

Enjoy the beauty of Indian Wildlife with ‘India’s Wild Tales’, every day at 7 PM only on Animal Planet


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