BIG WORLD- A New Go-To-Market Strategy In The MetaVerse

BIG WORLD- A New Go-To-Market Strategy In The MetaVerse

Today, Big FM one of India’s largest radio networks comes ahead with ‘BIG World’, a big world slew of offerings emanating from their core strength. BIG FM made an official announcement of these initiatives in the Meta-verse wherein the logo was unveiled followed by a walk-through of the different initiatives. Mr. Abe Thomas, CEO, of Reliance Broadcast Network Limited, and Mr. Sunil Kumaran, COO, of BIG FM were part of the panel to discuss the new initiatives.

BIG World aims to utilise the power of digital media by playing to its strengths in audio creation and exploring newer avenues to increase its customer base and engage with its audiences.

Outline the offerings, Sunil Kumaran, COO of BIG FM spoke about the following four pillars of BIG World:

  • BIG Radio and its evolution into an audio conglomerate offering
  • BIG LIVE is a vertical dedicated to living events, both on-ground and online. The network has already established BIG Cafe online as their flagship offering for online concerts during the last two years.
  • BIG Social leverages the rapid growth of digital to the fullest, to introduce a myriad of avenues that include gamification, social commerce, & advocacy. With their Rjs already being influencers on radio, the network has now opened them to digital advocacy for branded content. They also recently launched their first social commerce platform BIG Living, a one-stop destination for sustainable and mindful products curated by BIG FM RJs.
  • BIG Voice focuses on digital platforms for audio like podcasts and smart speakers. In the last year, BIG FM has successfully deployed 200+ episodes of original podcasts across 30+ platforms.

While answering MediaInfoline’s question about the importance and necessary requirement of BIGVerse Abe Thomas said, “Big Verse is attracting a lot of audiences because of the immersive experience anyone gets in the Metaverse. Moreso, brands follow their audience. So it’s important that brands understand what is possible in the Metaverse. -The immersive experience of consuming content is addictive once you start getting into consuming immersive content then you cannot get satisfied with the regular form of content that is already served. Though these are early days, increasingly you can’t even imagine what is really possible in this immersive Metaverse. As I have mentioned earlier imagine how shopping can gets transforms and how e-commerce gets transformed, whether you can actually feel like walking into a mall checking out products and buying them which is to do more text bassed destinations like Amazon. It is a very sincere attempt to demonstrate the power of Metaverse that even events can be completely transformed.”

Sharing his thoughts, Abraham Thomas, CEO, Reliance Broadcast Network Limited said, “Radio is a shared experience with a human connection. Growth in Digital radio is also getting driven by this ‘radio-like’ experience. At Big FM, our endeavour is to keep creating amazing content and be available everywhere through valuable partnerships. To provide an immersive radio experience is why we chose the metaverse to make the Big World announcement. Big World is a bouquet of client solutions that provide immersive and engaging experiences for consumers through multiple platforms”

Sunil Kumaran, COO, of BIG FM believes that businesses today don’t have a choice whether to go the digital question is more about how well you do it. He also added “Audiences today are seamlessly moving across media platforms and content formats.  BIG WORLD offers to operate at the crux of Content & Platform to drive a much deeper level of engagement with the audiences.  Utilizing the power of Social media, Events on- ground and on digital, through new age audio formats like Podcast, through the presence of Smart Speakers and through Games, the offering of BIG WORLD will provide clients with a much deeper and more effective way to reach audiences”.

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