RED FM’s Baua aka RJ Raunac and Zero’s Bauaa aka Shahrukh Khan wear their pranking hats

RED FM’s Baua aka RJ Raunac

The prank call master, RJ Raunac aka Baua has won over millions of hearts with his classic sense of humour. This time too, he brought a smile to someone’s face and left him speechless, by teaming up with a very special guest, Shah Rukh Khan, on RED FM, India’s largest private radio network.

The video features 93.5 RED FM’s RJ Raunac aka Baua from the Morning No. 1 show along with Shah Rukh Khan, India’s superstar aka Bauaa from the film Zero. Together both these Bauuas surprised an individual with a prank call, which revolved around his ringtone from Shah Rukh Khan’s latest movie. Shah Rukh Khan also urged the listener to tune in to RJ Raunac’s show as his character in the movie is similar to that of RED FM’s Baua.

Apart from the prank call, RED FM will also release a few capsules where RJ Raunac has done a rapid-fire round with King Khan.

Video Link: Click here

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