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Tara Sutaria and Kartik Aryan Indulge in Playful Romance

In a world bound by time constraints and everyday monotony, ITC Engage creates an enchanting moment of passion and romance. With a delightful new film starring brand...

"Farhan Akhtar and Oreo collaboration to overcome speechless moments"

Say It With Oreo: Farhan Akhtar and AI Help Overcome Speechless Situations

  Oreo has partnered with Farhan Akhtar and AI technology to help people turn speechless situations into playful ones with customized audio messages. Special...

PLAYFUL book launch

PLAYFUL: an ultimate guide to Child Safety

Accidents are one of the biggest killers of children in India. Every day around the world the lives of more than 2000 families are torn apart by the loss of a child to...