amanté celebrates the mysteries of the sky with the new season launch campaign

amanté unveils its new creative Campaign ‘Starry Tales’. Inspired by the moonlight, the campaign imagery leans heavily on the new autumn winter collection reflecting the palettes of deep hues and mysterious blues. The campaign reaffirms amanté’s commitment to the bringing the latest trends and the best of styles, curated for an incredible experience, season after season, in line with the international lingerie launches.

The latest print campaign is highly styled, depicting the graceful ability of the moon to illuminate and transform the beauty of the day into the night. The campaign draws parallel to the woman’s strength that can light up the surroundings, highlighting the play of sensuality and the mystic effect of the starlit sky.

On the campaign launch, Smita Murarka, Head of Marketing, amanté said, “The Starry Tales campaign showcases our commitment to bring something new to the consumer every season. Keeping in mind the consumer’s individual preferences towards styling of lingerie, experimenting with colors and emphasis on detail, the campaign highlights the mystic side and individualism, playing with colour palette and silhouette that reflect the moods of a woman. As an international brand, the collection is versatile in line with global trends, styles and designs. This campaign reiterates amanté’s positioning as a brand for the confident modern woman.”

Menaka Menon, the branch head Leo Burnett Orchard said “Our take on the Starry Tales collection has been to bring forth the colours and mood of the season. We have played with the sensuality of the moonlight on the surrounding and the impact it has on our moods. We believe the campaign is truly reflective of the newness that amanté bring this season with the colour palettes and styling”.

“This collection is reminiscent of every single fairytale we’ve read as children, but only this is better” adds Neel Roy, Executive creative Director Leo Burnett Orchard.

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