Design Café unveils #MoreRoomForJoy digital campaign

Design Café unveils #MoreRoomForJoy digital campaign

Design café, a tech-enabled end to end Home Interiors brand, has launched their digital video commercial highlighting the essence of how the brand executes smart designs in highly compact spaces. This latest commercial is a further testament to the company’s promise of guaranteeing 20% additional space utilization to its discerning customers.

Having designed and built almost 5000 homes across the country, Design Café aims to bring premium design and quality to the average Indian home buyer, at any and every budget. This coming of age Ad film launched by the brand showcases a time-lapse of a compact house which started housing two brothers and seemingly expands in space through smart design to make space for their respective families, over time. Conceptually, the Ad is also trying to address the complications that arise during the lifecycle of home interiors and highlights the company’s expertise in solving the same.

Speaking about the Ad film, Mr. Shreyom Ghosh, Director, Big 3 Media says, “The Ad was created while specifically keeping the brand’s Mumbai audience in mind where homes are relatively smaller and space crunch is a prevalent issue. The Ad is a quirky stop-motion film  in which two brothers try to cope up with their ever-expanding family, in their tiny apartment in Mumbai, by finding intelligent design solutions to keep the family intact. The day to day problems of a household are briefly highlighted as the family members go through the different phases of life; where families grow but the sizes of the homes remain the same. The Ad showcases various space-saving furniture from Design Café, giving a gist of the vast range of options one can pick from while designing their home.”

Ms. Maheima Kapur, Vice President – Marketing & Sales, Design Cafe says, “Design Cafe specializes in personalization which is tailored to each customer and provides 20% more space utilisation via intelligent design. This caters well especially to the Mumbai market where space constraints are particularly prominent in comparison with the other cities. Our latest film reflects the same, shows a family’s evolution and how well our home interior solutions caters to their growing needs.”

Link to the digital ad film.

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