Amanté launches a campaign; Women for Women!

With multiple brands clamouring for attention on Woman’s day, amanté,takes a fresh approach by showing its real women with a simple message “When women support women, it makes for a happy women’s day”. The message stems from the fact that this brand employs over 65,000 women across the world. Right from the time the lingerie is a scribble on a sheet to the time it’s handed over to the customer, there is a woman who spearheads the whole process. It is a bra that is truly, made by the women and for the women.

Celebrating this thought, amanté, along with its creative partner Leo-Burnett Orchard, has created a soulful video that showcases how women at amanté, truly understand women and work hard to create the perfect product for women to help her get the support that she needs.

Smita Murarka, Head of Marketing at amanté says “What you see in this campaign is real empowerment. At amanté, everyone from our designers to the tailors, to the fashion consultant at our stores, these women, understand our consumers. With deep care and expert skills, they help create and sell the perfect intimate wear for women. This is true embodiment of the line ‘Women for Women’. This is who we are, and this is what we do. This campaign is the brand’s way to invite you into our world and introduce you to our true heroes, our women.With this women’s day video we want to send across a message, that women everywhere are capable of incredible things if they support each other.”

“As one of India’s premium intimate wear brands, amanté is poised to take the conversation surrounding women empowerment to the next level. This is a powerful platform for the brand to own and the message has been timed perfectly. says Sharmine Panthaky branch head Leo Burnett Orchard.

Neel Roy, Executive creative Director Leo Burnett Orchard adds “It’s a beautiful thought wrapped in a real story. amanté is propagating a strong message by employing and empowering so many women across countries”

This new campaign, #WomenForWomen, signifies a new change in the society where women look out for each other every step of the way.

amanté’s #WomenForWomen video was launched on the occasion of Women’s day 2018, promoting the theme for women supporting each other, and nurturing each other to grow and succeed.

Watch the campaign here

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