Apis Presents “Ibaadat Ke Iss Mahine Rakhein Sehat Ka Saath” Campaign For Ramadan


Apis India, one of the leading FMCG brands in India, is launching a campaign during the holy month of Ramadan. The campaign, titled “Ibaadat Ke Iss Mahine Rakhein Sehat Ka Saath”, aims to promote individual well-being by blending the spiritual and personal aspects of Ramadan through Apis India’s range of dates clubbed with other relevant products consumed in the month of Ramadan. Beyond just health, the campaign also celebrates the community bond that Ramadan brings together.

The strategy of the campaign will follow two routes, utilising both traditional media and online marketing. The campaign will commence on March 23, the first day of Ramadan, and continue until the celebration of Eid al-Fitr. In addition to leveraging traditional media, Apis India will also utilise social media platforms as an extension to the campaign, along with influencer marketing and targeted ads to reach a broader audience. Through this campaign, Apis India aims to make a lasting impact on individuals and communities across the country, promoting overall well-being during the holy month of Ramadan.

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As part of its digital campaign for Ramadan, Apis is implementing a multifaceted strategy that includes a variety of initiatives. In addition to the ongoing social media campaign, the brand has planned a Pan-India contest and an influencer campaign on social media. These efforts are designed to engage with a wide audience and promote the brand’s message of overall well-being during the holy month.

The contest invites participants to create unique recipes using Apis dates and other products for sehri and iftar promoting the diverse delicacies of the season through the brand.

Online Contest

As part of Apis India’s “Ibaadat Ke Iss Mahine Rakhein Sehat Ka Saath” campaign, the brand’s social media strategy includes an online contest that leverages the overarching narrative. The contest aims to bring the community together in an engaging activity to not only celebrate Ramadan, but also as a means to make the brand an active part of it. Through the contest, Apis India wants consumers to come along and share some of their unique recipes that make their Ramadan celebrations their own. During iftar a variety of delicious foods are prepared. Leveraging this aspect, Apis stands at the centre of this contest, with its Dates, Honey, vermicelli and kesar being made to be the building blocks of these unique recipes.

Being a social media contest that engages the community, Apis India is also relying on other factors to reach out to a broader community. Through influencers from the Muslim community, the brand aims to spread awareness, while maximising the influencers by using them as a catalyst to boost the activity. The brand is also focusing on targeted ads during this holy month to amplify its online campaign.

Offline Initiative

To expand its reach beyond the digital sphere, the brand also includes hoardings, billboards, and banners to complement the social media campaign. In addition, the brand will organise an on-ground activity inspired by its video advertisement which conveyed the message of togetherness across religious lines and promoted the brand as an icon bringing people together.

The on-ground activity will see Apis visiting areas in the national capital with a significant Muslim population and distributing hampers containing Apis Dates and other products to the underprivileged during iftar. Through this initiative, Apis aims to increase consumer awareness about the significance of physical well-being during Ramadan and create a deeper bond within the community. By leveraging its campaign, Apis hopes to make a lasting impact on individuals and communities across the country.


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