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Dabur Stresscom launched ‘Shout Out Stress’ camapign

Madhushree Chakrabarty December 30, 2020

Dabur Stresscom has launched a Shout Out Stress campaign in Delhi NCR during the ongoing pandemic all across the world. The campaign is aimed at helping people to reduce their stress caused during these unprecedented times, through Scream Therapy. The executing agency responsible for running the campaign successfully was Marketing Architects Communication. 

The year that 2020 has been, has caused so much stress and mental problem to people, such as Fatigue, Anxiety, general debility, etc. And, stress alone can cause you various severe diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, hypertension, etc.

Under the campaign, the team created a soundproof scream booth kept at the top of a moving vehicle that has decible meter. They went to 8 business places of the capital city and helped people destress.

Speaking about the initiative Dr. Durga Prasad, GM – Marketing, Ethical Portfolio, Dabur India Limited said ‘The current times are filled with uncertainties and challenges for the human race. It is at times like these that an individual’s mind is under a lot of duress. We at Dabur believe that it’s our duty to help our communities in these stressful times through our products, which combine years of ayurvedic medicinal knowledge acquired around the subject of mental health. Dabur Stresscom ‘SHOUT OUT STRESS’ is one such initiative where our aim is to create awareness and action around mental health and wellness. We intend to host more such sessions in the future.”

“SHOUT OUT STRESS” which is can also be called “SOS” is a thought-through campaign. While conceptualizing the campaign we had to think through all the pandemic guidelines and at the same time had to convince people of hygiene and safety through regular sanitization after every use. The physical interaction of the consumers was minimalistic as data were also captured through software to avoid contact. The challenge was to create a soundproof scream booth on the small vehicle to fit in the traffic and space concerns of the busy market of DELHI NCR and the success of the campaign is overwhelming.  Mr. Ankur Rajgadhia, Marketing Architects Communication further added.


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