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PhonePe has come up with an awareness building campaign on making digital payments safe. The campaign is launched on the occasion of Dussehra which represents the victory of good over evil. The 10 faces of Ravana has been creatively used to portray the 10 new faces of evil, payment frauds, to aware the users. The video format of the campaign is intended for distribution on social media. With reference to the familiar legends and stories, the campaign has 10, 15 sec animated videos which will educate the customers about the various ways in which swindlers can swindle them and other ways to keep their money safe.

Digital payment categories can continue growing at its own pace only if the customers will be educated about the simple measures by which they can safeguard themselves and feel safe. In this fight against payment fraud, PhonePe aims to partner with the users.

Speaking about the campaign, Anuj Bhansali, Head of Risk and Fraud Prevention, PhonePe said “To enable our vision of making digital payments safe, easy and ubiquitous for all Indians, it’s crucial to educate our customers about the different faces of fraud. Instead of being afraid of the possibility of coming across a fraudster, we want people to be aware of such frauds and empower them to tackle it cautiously. With this campaign on the occasion of Dussehra, we aim to be an effective partner to our users in this fight against this new age evil and help them make most of the digital payments ecosystem for all that it has to offer without fear holding them back.”

Listed below are the 10+1 introductory animated films that are part of the campaign:

  • Introduction– Evil has taken on 10 new faces – as payments frauds. This Dussehra, PhonePe will help you understand and defeat them all
  • Cashback Asur– Don’t get lured by fake banner adverts and websites. For best offers, look on PhonePe
  • Request Rakshas – Don’t let them take money out of your account. Remember, UPI PIN is only for sending money, never for receiving
  • QR Asur– No such thing as a QR code that can deposit money in your bank account. Remember, UPI PIN is only for sending money, never for receiving.
  • Social Asur– They will give you wrong details about PhonePe customer care. For help, head over to the PhonePe app or website.
  • OTP Asur– This one may already know your credit card or debit card details. Never share your OTP with anyone
  • KYC Rakshas – They will send you messages about your KYC expiring and try to get your personal details. Remember to complete KYC only on registered apps.
  • Screen Rakshas– They will try to get you to download a screen sharing app to access your personal information. Be careful about whom you share access to your device with.
  • Shopping Asur – If an offer looks too good to be true, it probably is. Resist the urge to click on a ridiculous offer and place an order. Chances are you might never actually receive it.
  • Phish Asur – They will send you fake emails hoping you will part with personal information. Remember to check for every bank email address carefully
  • Sim Asur – This one will try to get you to share a 20-digit code, and use it to deactivate your SIM card. Remember to never share this kind of code if you receive one.

To watch the films you can click OTP, Social Fraud, KYC, Screen Sharing Fraud, Shopping Fraud, Phishing Fraud and SIM Fraud.

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