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HDFC Life spreads positivity & encourages people for #TheRightStep


While celebrating stories of kindness and encouraging people to be the ray of hope in someone’s life through small acts of help and generosity, one of India’s leading life insurers, HDFC Life, has launched a campaign #TheRightStep.

Amidst the pandemic, India is constantly fighting and individuals are consistently showing inspiring resilience in the middle of multiple challenges. This campaign further encourages people to take the right action and help fight this pandemic in whatever way they can.

HDFC Life has created six ten-seconder videos to spread this message with a selection of slice of life stories. These videos will showcase everyday moments where people from all walks of life are contributing towards fighting the pandemic in their own capacity. HDFC Life has chosen the ‘less is more’ route, through this short video format and created stark, impactful stories aimed towards breaking the clutter, moving hearts and eventually, encouraging people to follow the right path.

Speaking about the necessity of the campaign in these times, Vishal Subharwal, Executive Vice President, HDFC Life, comments, “Our campaign #TheRightStep is our small initiative in recognizing the everyday heroes around us while also encouraging the audience to follow their footsteps and focus on the ‘right’ thing in these critical times.

With this campaign, we also wish to spread a sense of optimism with examples of how society has taken a selfless turn, and how with these small acts of kindness we can together fight this pandemic.”

Each of the stories revolves around one family, where one main character (a member of the family) can be seen taking #TheRightStep, feeling a strong sense of contribution as a result of owning up to their duty and responsibility at a time when even the tiniest bit of help can potentially impact lives.

Watch the video here.

Commenting on the challenge of creating a thought-provoking, dynamic campaign that aligns with the brand’s philosophy of “Sar UthaKeJiyo”, Manesh Swamy, Vice President at Logicserve Digital, says, “People are definitely not in the right frame of mind to interact with brands in such difficult times. What they expect from brands is to be compassionate, show empathy, and spread positivity.”

He continued, “HDFC Life has always enabled individuals to live life with pride and we wanted to convey the same through our stories. Since we noticed everyone’s morale was at a low, we thought this is the right time to encourage people to step up and do the right thing, and help people navigate through these tough times. Hence through quick actions in the short format, we wanted to convey how every single person can make a difference by taking the right step. Since a majority of the cities in the country were in lockdown, it was difficult to shoot but we managed to pull it off with all the safety norms in place. We hope after watching this, viewers get inspired to do the right thing.”



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