“Har Subah Fresh Start, Har Din Oil-Clear”, is the promise of Himalaya’s Fresh Start Oil Clear Facewash

"Har Subah Fresh Start, Har Din Oil-Clear", is the promise of Himalaya’s Fresh Start Oil Clear Facewash

Himalaya launched their latest product named Fresh Start Oil Clear Facewash with a special campaign. Through their latest campaign “Har Subah Fresh Start, Har Din Oil-Clear” Himalaya provides a solution for oily skin, a problem faced by many young women. The campaign has been conceived by 82.5 Communications, Bengaluru, and portrays the story of a young woman who has found an effective way to keep her face oil-clear throughout the day.

The film is a cute, romantic story of a young couple, where the boy is an ardent admirer of the girl. Through the film, we see the couple enjoying various activities. And at every opportunity, the boy compliments the girl’s beautiful, oil-free face. Later it is revealed that the girl has used Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Facewash in the morning, and that has helped her stay oil-free for an extended period. The film ends on a high note where the boy expresses his admiration for the girl in a much unexpected way.

The range of Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Facewash has been present in the market for a year now. There are four different variants, viz., Strawberry, Lemon, Peach and Blueberry. Each variety packs the goodness of the respective fruit and natural beads, a combination that’s effective at removing excess oil from the face. The campaign signoff, “Har Subah Fresh Start, Har Din Oil-Clear” cues in the morning usage as well as the product benefit.  The compelling benefit of the product, together with the relevant story of the commercial brings true freshness to the category.

Sumanto Chattopadhyay, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, 82.5 Communications, points out, “This is the first time that Himalaya has broken away from a problem-solution approach. I believe this is a charming piece of work that will cut ice with the desired audience.”

Naveen Raman, Sr. Vice President & Branch Head, Bengaluru, 82.5 Communications, delved into the strategy behind the campaign, saying, “Of the 2200 crore facewash market in India, Himalaya has literally been the category creator and the market leader. And the category penetration is just 15%. Oil clearing is the second largest reason to use a facewash in India. Looking at the huge opportunity of growing the market, Himalaya’s Fresh Start range talks to today’s youth.

The young Indian girl is so confident today that no hurdle is big enough to stop her from leading her life the way she wants. Ditto when it comes to oil on her face. She knows it’s not an insurmountable problem. We at 82.5 Communications played on this insight and dialed up the confidence quotient.”

C Ravikumar, Senior Creative Director, Bengaluru, 82.5 Communications, spoke about the creative approach saying, “In this film, we have captured a typical day in the life of this girl and how it all turns out to be delightful. Even more so because she does not have to worry about her oily skin, thanks to Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Facewash. It’s a great way of highlighting the product benefit. And then there is the romance. Who doesn’t like some innocent romance?”

Rahul Panchal, General Manager, Marketing – Consumer Product Division of The Himalaya Drug Company, mentions, “Himalaya is the most preferred brand in the face cleansing segment. Over the years, we have built great understanding of Indian skin and consumer needs related to facial cleansing. Consumers today love our range of neem-based products for resolving their pimple problems.  We want to give them more reasons to love us.

Our Fresh Start Oil Clear Facewash range provides oil-clear skin. It has natural beads and goodness of pure fruits that works towards removing excess oil from face. Our consumer study reveals that consumer desires for an oil-clear face, a day without oily skin fuels their day with excitement and enthusiasm. Our new campaign very well builds on the thought of “Har Subah Fresh start, Har Din Oil-Clear”.  With the new campaign we plan to resolve one more consumer problem of oily skin, we take a step forward to spread wellness in every home and happiness in every heart.”

The new ad campaign will be led by the television commercial, followed by extensive retail presence, to get the desired impact.

Fresh Start Oil Clear Facewash TVC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIYx-OuytSs

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