ITC Dermafique brings luminous glow with its BB Crème brand campaign

ITC Dermafique brings luminous glow with its BB Crème brand campaign

ITC Dermafique brings a luminous glow with its BB Crème brand campaign, this festive season. These are generally used to conceal skin concerns like uneven skin tone, pigmentation or create a make-up look. ITC Dermafique BB Crème is powered with PhytoCellTecTM technology for skin nourishment and a luminous glow. It is a Dermatologist tested on Indian Skin to reduce uneven skin tone in 2 Weeks and reduce pigmentation post 4 weeks of regular use, basis consumer study.

The newly launched Dermafique Age Defying BB Creme film focuses on building conversation for Skin Care Products that have an Inside-Out approach and educate consumers about the PhytoCellTec TM Technology in its BB Crème, advocating smart face-care. The film has been directed and conceptualized by Namita & Subir Consultancy.

Watch the film here –

ITC Dermafique recognizes the need to have an inside-out approach for skincare that is led by Science. Dermafique Age Defying BB Crème is powered by Plant Stem Cell Technology with PhytoCellTec™. While most BB creams are a great solution for a ‘no makeup’ makeup look, Dermafique BB Cream has plant stem cells technology that boosts cellular activity and regenerates old cells. It also corrects pigmentation, restores resilience, for a luminous glow outside and nourishment inside.

Speaking on the launch of BB Crème communication, Dermafique Skin Expert and Dermatologist, Doctor Aparna Santhanam, says, ‘Generally, BB Crème is used as a base for makeup or as a replacement for a foundation. Science-based Skincare now brings unique products that not only work as a makeup base but also work on the skin internally to nourish it. I recommend using a BB Crème powered with Plant Stem Cell Technology that will not only give your skin a luminous glow outside but will also nourish your skin from inside and will reduce pigmentation and uneven skin tone in a few weeks of usage. So, this festive season while you enjoy the outside glow of a BB crème, let it also work from inside and be your saviour for Healthy Zen-like skin!’

This film has been directed by Namita Roy Ghose and Subir Chatterjee (WhiteLight Moving Picture Company). On the occasion of the launch, Namita says, “The new Dermafique BB Creme communication was interesting to work on because of its unique proposition as a product, which allowed us to experiment with new creative and visual devices. The revolutionary PhytoCellTech technology in the Dermafique BB Crème, allowed us to create a distinct visual world for Dermafique. We truly believe in the power of a strong communication, as a foundational stepping stone in a brand’s creative journey.”

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