Josh collaborates with Madison Digital for Parachute Advanced Jasmine’s #MeriHealthyShine campaign


The act of nourishing one’s hair with the application of oil is a century old Indian tradition and is often regarded as the secret to healthy and shiny hair. With the aim of celebrating this tradition, Josh, India’s fastest growing and most engaged short-video app, collaborated with Madison Digital to launch Parachute Advanced Jasmine’s #MeriHealthyShine campaign on the short-video platform.

The intent was to build the benefit of oiling one’s hair and highlighting Parachute Advanced Jasmine as a sensorially great hair oil which nourishes hair for healthy shine. Adopting a holistic approach, the campaign leveraged the use of a dynamic filter, customized soundboard and a hook-step to emphasize the product’s usage. Providing users with an immersive brand experience, the filter was created to depict drops of oil falling on the creator’s hair, while the soundboard captured the essence of the brand. The hook-step was widely successful in attracting massive – user participation as well. The campaign was led by top Josh creators such as Sukaina Sultan, Riya Kishanchandani, Bhakti Rawal and Bhumi Agarwal, all of whom have a combined follower reach of over 121 million.

Speaking on the success of the campaign, Sunil Kumar Mohapatra, Chief Revenue Officer, VerSe Innovation said, “The #MeriHealthyShine challenge is another example of the successful impact short-video can have in driving engaging conversations within just 60 seconds. Through our collaboration with Parachute Advanced, Josh was able to not only engage, but also collaborate with consumers to provide them with a deeper and meaningful immersive brand experience. As brands strive to increasingly leverage short format video in their marketing communications, Josh is well-poised to tap into the great opportunity it presents and prove its prowess in short-video marketing.”

Speaking on the collaboration, Somasree Bose, Chief Marketing Officer, Marico said, Marico has always been a pioneer in adopting new age media platforms. With short-video format becoming more relevant in current times, Parachute Advanced Jasmine’s collaboration with Josh allowed the brand to have a more engaging connect Parachute  with its consumers and helped make #MeriHealthyShine a success”. 

Speaking on the campaign conceptualization, Vishal Chinchankar, Chief Executive Officer, Madison Digital and Madison Media Alpha said, “Short-video has been effective in meaningfully engaging with and collaborating with consumers to create immersive brand experiences. As a medium, it is very versatile to work with. This versatility combined with Josh’s technological capabilities has given us the tools we required to work with a degree of creative freedom and make Parachute Advanced Jasmine’s  #MeriHealthyShine campaign a success.”

 The campaign performed exceptionally well with the audience and was successful in garnering over 380 million video viewsmore than 28.7 million hearts and securing a reach of 22.3 million with over 1.1K UGC created.

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