Lodha Group collaborates with Kommune to bring #HarGharDiwali

Lodha Group and Kommune

Lodha Group collaborates Kommune for its second leg of #HarGharDiwali campaign. Indian Singer-Songwriter, performer along with a music composer/producer Osho Jain celebrates through his original composition, ‘giving back to the society’ whilst Akshay Kumar Joining the bandwagon. As the festivities begin to post the pandemic, the joy of celebrating Diwali from the safe boundaries of one’s home and coming together to bring about a meaningful change in society is required and this crowdsourced song titled ‘HarGharDiwali’ highlights the same.

A video giving glimpses of how the social media influencers such as Yahya Bootwala, Priya Malik, Rakesh Tiwari, Shreya Dhanwanthary and Nidhi Narwal is celebrating Diwali by contributing their bit to the community. As everyone has realised that every family a gone through many tough times in the pandemic-induced lockdown, this crowd-sourced song by Osho Jain in the background score is perfect to capture these sentiments and enhance the small, beautiful moments of happiness. The people who risked their lives to stand by our sides during the challenging conditions; this film encourages us to give them back by standing beside them now. The #HarGharDiwali initiative solely persuades individuals to support Indian businesses, help communities and make sure that every household celebrates the festival with sheer hop and positivity.

“With the motive to bring back the Diwali festival’s cheer & enthusiasm, we collaborated with Kommune to spread the message of hope and emphasize on the importance of giving back to society. This film is a reminder that giving back to the community is the best way to celebrate this occasion during these unprecedented times and ensure #HarGharDiwali. As an extension to our previous ‘Jeena Isi Ko Kehte Hai’ campaign, the first-ever crowd-sourced song spreads the message of hope and love.” said Raunika Malhotra, President Corporate Brand and Communication, Lodha Group.

Co-Founder of Kommune, Roshan Abbas expressed, “We have always wanted to pivot to the music space, and thanks to Lodha Group – our partners for this initiative, and we finally made it happen this year. With the voices of our Kommuneity coming together in this song, we want to make people truly feel the spirit of Diwali, even from their homes”

The video amplifies the need to celebrate Diwali, the festival of light and cheer, zealously and work towards giving back to society and putting a smile on everyone’s face.

You can watch the video here –

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