Dabur and Ogilvy India Launch Dabur Red Paste #Sabkochabajaayenge Campaign

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Dabur Red Paste has grown from strength to strength across the country. Given the current media landscape and attention spans it’s getting harder, and more expensive, for brands to capture consumer attention; it is for this reason that marketers are adopting a range of strategies to cope with this situation. One such panacea is Moment Marketing as moment marketing across a particular event can represent a more effective way to focus marketing spend and engage consumers.

One such moment or the moment of truth is the Cricket World Cup. Despite officially not being able to be a partner, how could Dabur Red leverage the cricket fans and participate in their ‘moments’? The other challenge was to effectively relate a toothpaste brand to cricket.

Bringing together the product truth of healthy teeth and the Cricket World Cup, we capitalised on the colloquial term “chaba jayenge” (read, “we’ll chew them out’).

This gave us the perfect opportunity to have a lot of fun at the expense of the other teams without being derogatory, while driving home the solid promise of Dabur Red Paste.

Dabur Red Paste will chew out an opponent in the same way that the India team can. So we are elevating that phrase to a property we can own and have fun with.

This created a fun character. Our Protagonist ‘Chaubey ji’ is from Uttar Pradesh. A fanatic cricket fan who likes to munch while watching matches. But his way to show support to the Indian cricket team is by ‘chabaana’ the opposition’s famous foods. He’s got that kind of real obsession that makes him extremely endearing. One that we see in a quintessential cricket fan. It’s like ‘aan do’, that translates to, ‘we are ready with our team & our teeth’. The unstoppable fan of all Indian cricket matches that tries to win over the other team not only through the performance of his favourite players, but by finding something locally iconic to that country and owning that too.

The brand campaign comprising a series of films for Digital and TV has been conceptualized by Ogilvy North.

Kapil Arora, President, Ogilvy North: When Dabur Red Paste spoke to us about building a connect with fans during the Cricket World Cup, we knew we needed to make it both fun and brand relevant, to stand out in the clutter. Making the cricket connect with Dabur Red Paste’s brand promise was the key. Once we had that – we had a ball (literally). The result? Five kadak films that are testament to a fabulous client and brand.

Ritu Sharda, CCO, Ogilvy North: Loha garam tha, toh humne maar diya hatoda. Turning the fanaticism of Indian Cricket into fun, we decided to elevate the conversation about toothpaste into something truly exciting. Cracking the idea of winning over the opposition through ‘chewing’ made for a perfect platform to marry the product truth of strong teeth in a competitive sphere. This helps make Dabur Red Paste not just a product, but an experience with a much stronger recall factor. Hopefully hum England mein #SabkoChabaJaayenge.

Harkawal Singh, Head Marketing, Oral Care, Dabur India: Protection from Dental Problems for Strong Teeth and Healthy Gums is the core promise of Dabur Red Paste. Cricket is one of those opportunities that allows your brand to reach out and engage with a large audience. Sabko chaba jaayenge gave us the perfect plank to have this conversation in a fun and engaging way while subtly plugging in the Dabur Red Paste benefit.

Watch the YouTube video:  here 


Client: Dabur India Limited

Agency: Ogilvy North (India)

Agency Creative: Ritu Sharda, Dalip Daniel, Preeti Koul Chaudhary, Bharat Sharma, Sumit Vashisth

Agency Account Management:  Kapil Arora, Atif Rahman, Soumyabrata Banerjee, Chandini Ahuja, Asim Mathur

Agency Planning Team: Rohitash Srivastava, Ashwani Sinha, Pragya Patra

Production House: Dreamcatchers Films Director: Ishwar Singh

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