All new‘ABCD’ approach created by MissMalini’s creative agency


Miss Malini’s Agent M (creative agency division) has developed a new- age ‘relevance’ formula to create powerful, present- day advertisements that ensures a lasting impression on today’s multi-faceted consumer.

Similar to the #IndianKitchenKaDishwasher campaign which was produced for multinational appliances giant Bosch.

‘ABCD’ approach is named after Adaptive Bridging (of) Conversation Design model by Agent M cracks the code to effectively link a target audience’s present realities to a brand’s novel offering. The thought behind the name goes as a pun on revolutionizing the basics of what an advertising campaign should be in these dynamic times.

Their new methodology unifies the mass approach of ATL with the specificity of a BTL Focus, to generate ‘Conversation for Conversion’ with every visual – be it print or an ad film.

Reuben Karkaria, Creative Head of Agent M.says, “How we as marketers approach challenges now needs to dynamically evolve. Everything has changed in our lives, more so, as a result of the global pandemic. Not least of those marketing challenges is launching a new product category at a time like this, especially one that has pre-existing perceptions – like the dishwasher.”


Europe’s largest home appliances brand Bosch wanted a category-breaking campaign for their dishwashers and asked Agent M to create and execute such an idea. Having previously implemented path breaking, hybrid (mainline + digital) campaigns for their refrigerators, washers, and driers, Bosch asked for an entirely different strategy.

The marketing team at Bosch explained, “The dishwashers category is still in its nascency in India, and we were on the lookout for partners who could not only offer us a creative solution, but also help in understanding the very mindset of local consumers and establish our product in the very ethos of an Indian Kitchen.”

Considering Bosch’s deep consumer insights, intense research and focus grouping, Agent M concluded that the first expected response to the category launch was going to be “a deep- rooted feeling of doubt”. The Indian consumers still assumed that “dishwashers are neither meant for Indian kitchens nor for our Indian lifestyles”- which made it an unfit investment for their culture altogether.

There was also a market penetration problem along with the perception challenges. The product category was considered as a luxury even though the prices were similar to the other household appliances. The Indian consumer’s opinion at the beginning was that it’s a “nice to have”, not a “need to have”. How can a dishwasher be better than the traditional methods, when hand washing dishes is a chore common in almost every single Indian household?

The campaign’s target could not be selling but educating the Indian consumer that dishwasher was not a luxury product rather an essential commodity that every household must possess.


Only once the myths around dishwashers were cleared, can an Indian consumer consider it equivalent to other appliances. The Agent M creative team, thus, landed on six pervasive myths and doubts around dishwashers that had to be dispelled. In partnership with Bosch marketing team, the clever idea that appeared was to create 6 – 30 second ads. Referencing these myths and debunking them using ‘realism’ as their currency, while subtly discrediting overarching gender myths on how an Indian kitchen is the realm of a ‘woman or a mom or a daughter-in-law’ alone, and most importantly – on how dishwashing was a ‘must-do’ chore – with no other alternative.

The campaign #IndianKitchenKaDishwasher artfully coined every digital film with the perspective of clearing the doubts and make the consumers think of purchasing the appliance. From the ‘inability to clean kadhais’ to ‘not the most hygienic’, ‘not saving water’ to ‘incapability to fit multiple Indian utensils’, #IndianKitchenKaDishwashereducatedtheconsumers about the advantages and benefits of owning a dishwasher.

The campaign offered a direct window into the practical usage of the home appliance features by changing consumer mindset.


BoschIndia’s marketing team shared this summary of MissMalini’s ‘ABCD’ campaign approach, “Their research prowess into the consumer mindset proved especially beneficial as we were able to conceptualise a unique way to educate our target audience via engaging, short format video content. Using real life scenarios to bust common myths was an ingenious move, and we can already see the brand gathering more eyeballs. We trust their insights and are proud to call them our partners.”

The business results of the campaign are pretty encouraging. Enquiries and new bookings are in queue for Bosch and the client- agency duo is already working on the new collaboration. The new- age campaign formula by Agent M, are awaiting the creation of more innovative content and communication for future launches.

The #IndianKitchenKaDishwasher campaign will also soon be seen as Bosch’s head runner for the upcoming IPL season.


“MissMalini wale ad films bhibanetehain?” 

Hope aapke is doubt ko, Bosch ne clear kiya.



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