Concept PR expands to South Africa with launch of Concept Digicom

Concept Digicom South Africa logo with a background of the South African flag.


Concept Public Relations has expanded its operation in South Africa with the launch of Concept Digicom South Africa (CDSA), offering digital services to help companies achieve their business objectives.


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Expanding to South Africa: Concept Communications Launches Concept Digicom

Concept Communications has made a bold move expanding its operations to South Africa with the launch of Concept Digicom South Africa (CDSA). The move marks a significant milestone as it is the first time the PR firm is setting up an office on the African continent.

The digital services that CDSA offers are not only exciting but also relevant for companies seeking to achieve their business objectives and online growth goals. With its reputation for excellent consulting practices in India, Concept Digicom intends to introduce similar practices to South Africa. The range of services that CDSA brings to the newly entered market includes Corporate Communications, Media Relations, Digital PR, Brand Building, Public Affairs, and Crisis Management.

As a veteran news commentator, it is exciting to see a firm of Concept Communications’ reputation expanding its footprint to South Africa. It’s a clear indication of the growing business opportunities in Africa, particularly in South Africa. Concept Communications has demonstrated that it is committed to supporting its clients with global delivery capabilities and maintaining consistent time-tested best practices across all its operations.

It is encouraging to see that Srishti Sumani, who has a decade-long experience in Digital Marketing in the South African Market, will lead the drive in South Africa. Her expertise and understanding of the South African market, combined with Concept Communication’s global perspective, will undoubtedly deliver superior results to clients.

Concept Communications hopes to stabilize and scale its operations across diverse sectors of the South African market shortly. While the company is yet to predict the volume of businesses it hopes to cater to, the Managing Director is optimistic that, at least, fifteen clients will use their services in the first year of operation.

In conclusion, it is excellent news that Concept Communications is expanding to South Africa. With the reputation of its time-tested best practices, coupled with the expertise of the local team, the company is poised to introduce a paradigm shift in the communication arena in South Africa. The move showcases Concept Communications’ commitment to serving clients better and delivering superior results.


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Concept group expands to South Africa, launches Concept Digicom

Concept Public Relations, part of the Concept Communications, have expanded its operation in South Africa with the launch of Concept Digicom South Africa (CDSA). This is Concept PR’s first office in the African Continent. The firm’s Digital services will be useful to a large number of companies to achieve their business objectives, online growth goals and overall to serve clients better.

Concept PR Known for its best consulting practices in India, Concept Digicom will follow similar practices which is consistent in India ranging from Corporate Communications, Media relations, Digital PR, Brand Building, Public Affairs, and Crises.

“Our expertise and success through the time-tested best practices, have been a driving factor to each of our national and global clients. We see a similarity with the South African market and we are totally charged and confident in providing our global delivery capabilities to them. Within adequate time we will stabilize in building and scaling across the diverse sectors of the South African markets” says Ashish Jalan, Managing Director, Concept Public Relations.

Ebullient about the announcement, Srishti Sumani, CEO South Africa, Concept Digicom, with a decade long experience in Digital Marketing in the South African Market said “We wish to bring about a paradigm shift in the communication arena in the South African market through a combination of domain expertise, best-available local capabilities and seamless execution across the region. With Concept’s expertise and our local understanding, we will offer clients superior return-on-investment on their communication spends.”

Speaking about the growth targets, Jalan said, “It’s too early for us to predict, but we are hopeful to cater to at least 15 clients in year 1, I will feel a little satisfied when that number reaches 100.”

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