DigiChefs escalates Raskik’s social media engagement 1.8 X with its summer season creatives

DigiChefs escalates Raskik’s social media engagement 1.8 X with its summer season creatives

 DigiChefs, the independent and high-performance creative agency based out of Mumbai created some interesting creatives for Raskik this summer season. Building on the idea of FRESHNESS across their narrative, the agency releases a series of Instagram and Facebook posts bringing out the freshness of the brand with fresh creatives.

Raskik being India’s first coconut water and juice fusion brand was keen on maximizing its reach during this year’s scorching heat and DigiChefs ensured it keeping in mind that most of the creatives showcased the aesthetic as aligned with the brand image.

The agency created a series of multiple posts which was a mix of videos, carousels and statics. These taazgi bhare creatives were panned across a period of 4 weeks and led to an increased reach of 2.5X & an increased engagement of 1.8 X.

Link to videos: Watch here, Watch here

Speaking on the creative strategy, Deep Mehta, Co-Founder, DigiChefs said, “Since Raskik provides amazing fusion drinks made with the goodness of fresh fruits we leveraged on the simple idea of staying fresh to beat the heat, especially the extreme heat we faced this year. Our team made optimum use of all the social media tools to bring the idea into reality and the numbers have proved how wonderfully it worked. We are extremely delighted by the response the campaign has received. This is surely a boost for us to churn out more creativity.”

Arush Chawla, from Raskik’s Digital Marketing Team, said, “Summer is an important time for us to raise awareness and build a connect with our target audience. The creative support lent by DigiChefs to built an interesting brand recognition value has played an important role in our growth.”

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