Savin Communication Launches Automated PR Platform ‘The PR Tree’


Savin Communication, an end to end digital PR marketplace to  launch a technology-driven, Public Relations platform called ‘The PR Tree’. The idea is to encourage the concept of self-help public relations (PR). Committed to inviting innovation into the communication industry, the platform aims to revolutionize the way valuable relations are built and nurtured.

Garnering the right attention from the media and the audiences, The PR Tree emphasizes on creating a digital ecosystem to bridge the gap between story providers and storytellers. The company believes that there is a story behind every idea, brand, individual and the platform is created with an objective to make PR services accessible to all as a product.

A strong web presence is now important more than ever and Digital PR plays a major role in it. Executed through the collaboration with prominent media houses and a state-of-the-art automated system, the new age, tech-enabled platform connects individuals or brands to the relevant Professionals on the platform within a digitized network.

Features of a new-age, Tech enabled platform, The PR Tree-

  • End to end digital, self help Public Relation platform catering to the complete digital solutions for a brand right from ideation to creating strong narratives, from changing dialogues to making them stand out of the crowd
  • Establishing a common turf for individuals, brands and professionals with guided solutions
  • Strong relations with leading media platforms
  • Quick coverage turnaround time
  • Step by step guidance from PR Experts
  • Articulation of stories by a skilled team of content writers
  • Get a preview link of the coverage to be published
  • Monitor and track the progress of the coverage

Discussing the idea behind the platform, CEO and Founder Saurav Chaudhary says, “With the rapidly changing world, it has become imperative to educate people and give them the platform to understand the process of PR. The focus on creating a strong online presence has made it necessary for both brands and individuals to get the right guidance and the right platform.  Our idea is to address the need for contactless services that provide guided solutions and we are driven to fulfill this requirement”. In the era of digital transformation, this platform is driven to create a convenient network space that would quicken the processes and seamlessly deliver the desired results.

“With companies shifting their focus from traditional PR to Digital PR, this industry is going to be three times its current size by 2025 and worth $160 billion. Also, with the number of smartphone users in India set to cross 760 million mark in 2021, the need for better, local & relevant content is only going to go up”, he added.

After the launch of the product, the company foresees the industry growth by 3x by 2026. The platform will be available to the users by the end of March 2021. The tech-enabled platform will also provide transparency between marketers and consumers which has become the cornerstone of Digital PR. The PR Tree intends to take this forward with a credible, authentic and transparent automated PR process being put in place.

The PR Tree is an idea to nurture the roots of the future of communication and prepare the industry to warp into full speed towards growth and progress.

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