Aeldra Financial onboards Actimedia as Indian PR partner

Aeldra Financial Inc is a US-based digital challenger bank

US-based pioneering ‘digital challenger bank’, Aeldra Financial Inc onboards Actimedia India Pvt. Ltd., as its PR and communications partner for India.

“Increasing digitalization across the world is fast erasing geographical boundaries. Technology is the driving force in the new normal and banking is no different when it comes to the adoption of cutting-edge fin-tech to ensure that everyone has access to the best financial services, borders notwithstanding. This is exactly the gap that Aeldra, a new age bank, aims to address in the Indian market. We are delighted to partner with Actimedia that brings to the table a 360-degree approach to its communications strategy along with an impressive pan India network,” said Sukeert Sankar, Founder and CEO at Aeldra.

Launched in 2019, Aeldra aimed at offering borderless banking for everyone who needs it across geographies. The company also provides investment services in partnership with regulated U.S. financial institutions. Blue Ridge Bank, N.A. is Aeldra’s banking partnering the US. Aeldra allows its customers to open a U.S. bank account in less than five minutes from India or China, even without an SSN (Social Security Number) or a branch visit. The platform has partnered with Mastercard to provide its customers a Global Debit Card linked to their account with special benefits for overseas citizens and international travelers. The company also helps Indians to invest in US stock and bonds.

“Aeldra redefines traditional banking norms and offers on-the-go, cross-border banking solutions to global customers. We have a significant number of people here with family or friends in the US. For them, Aledra is the ideal service provider to help out with their financial cross-border transactions. We look forward to educating the Indian consumers on Aeldra’s many benefits and being an integral part of revolutionizing Indian banking through our communications,” said Amitabh Saksena, Founder & Managing Director, Actimedia India Pvt. Limited.

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