Popular Kids Icon Rob Collaborators With Hot Wheels


The millennial parents are all about creative learning and DIY for their kids. Hot Wheels in their endeavor over the years to encourage kids on purposeful play collaborates with DIY genius Rob.

Sony Music artist Rob who is known to make learning fun will tap into children’s natural desire to create, experiment, and will also mentor them to think and work like real engineers and creative designers.

Commenting on the association, Rob says, “Hot Wheels has been a major part of my childhood. I had a bunch of Hot Wheels cars and I would build my own race tracks. From boxes to bottles to books, everything and anything became either part of the track or an obstacle. So imagine my excitement when I started working on this collaboration. The best thing about the Hot Wheels Engineering  Series is that the possibilities are endless. You can also build on it and keep adding tracks from different sets which are all compatible and you can create a huge Hot Wheels world which is exactly what I did with a little mix of creativity. Hot wheels can really inspire you to use your imagination in a lot of different ways.”

Further adding on this association, LokeshKataria, Marketing Head, Mattel India says, Hot Wheels Engineering Series is an unlimited world putting kids in the driver seat of their own play experience. By associating with the immensely talented Rob, we hope to spark off kids’ imaginations with endless possibilities, get them to experiment, challenge themselves and build and rebuild with Hot Wheels track system.

Sony Music has been at the helm of giving brands customized solutions with ether music or artists they have a 360 management deal with. From endorsements, to creating branded musical contents, Sony Music’s Brand Partnership team has helped brands reach out to consumers innovatively.

With this collaboration Kiran D’cruz, National Head – Brand Partnerships at Sony Music India says, “Rob is hugely talented artist and his artistry flair has given him the moniker of being a DIY genius. When we understood the objective of what Hot Wheels wants to achieve we found a perfect fit with Rob on the same. This partnership of creative minds will definitely add to Hot Wheels efforts to provide kids with creative learning while at play.”

In order to provide parents with a solution that will not only get their kids out of the Televison zone but will also make them inquisitive and imaginative, #BuildWithHotWheels will have 5 videos over three months– 5 terrains created with Hot Wheels tracks and really simple tools and techniques with materials that are easily available at home: These videos will span across different worlds.

–       Cities

–       Desert

–       Forest

–       Volcano

–       Underwater

These videos will help inspire kids to build their own world.

Using these videos, as a guide/reference, kids can build their own terrains and their idea of a Hot Wheels world.  This will help them learn the basics of designing landscapes, structures, working with different materials and techniques thus stimulating their imagination and creativity, taking their play experience to a whole new level!

Rob will also host a fun contest where the kids can send in pictures and videos of their futuristic cities built with the HOT WHEELS TRACK BUILDER SET  – which is a great kit that enables kids to build and construct creatively.

#BuildWithHotWheels will also see Rob create an Epic race track by Rob where he will use multiple HOT WHEELS track sets to create the most epic race track. The same will be showcased at Phoenix Market City Mall, Kurla on November 13th. You can stand a chance to meet and click pictures with Rob and win some really cool hot wheels goodies too.

That’s not all, Rob will also build an epic race track with the most thrilling Domino Effect chain reaction video. Using different household items, this amazing video will definitely get you and your little one awe-struck.

The first piece from all of this enthralling content is out today www.youtube.com/madstuffwithrob, watch this super amazing video and follow this space for more!

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