The Good Glamm Group Enters into a Joint Venture with Akshay Kumar

The Good Glamm Group Enters into a Joint Venture with Akshay Kumar

South Asia’s largest DTC beauty & personal care conglomerate, the Good Glamm Group and one of India’s most trusted and physically fit male celebrities Akshay Kumar have come together to create a joint venture that will launch holistic personal care and wellness products for men. Both Akshay Kumar and the Good Glamm Group will invest capital and work together to scale the business.

The joint venture between the Good Glamm Group and Akshay Kumar developed over a shared vision of creating holistic personal care and wellness products formulated using active, natural and efficacious ingredients with a high degree of innovation not previously seen in India.

Akshay Kumar is India’s leading male Bollywood celebrity with the largest and most engaged social media fan following. He will be deeply involved in the brand and product development. Akshay has been following a disciplined personal care and wellness regime for the last forty-five years spanning yoga, martial arts, fitness, a healthy diet and more. His tried and tested regime will be introduced in the product range which is expected to launch by mid 2023.

The joint venture will leverage the Good Glamm Group’s content-creator-commerce moat to drive DTC revenues through 200 million MAUs of Good Media Co and over 1 million influencers of Good Creator Co; in addition to the R&D strengths and offline distribution network of Good Brands Co across over 150 cities  in  India.

Speaking on this partnership, Actor Akshay Kumar said, “I have always wanted to create natural yet efficacious products based on all the learnings I have had and practiced in holistic wellness. The Good Glamm Group has built some of India’s largest and most loved DTC beauty & personal care brands and is very unique in its content-creator-commerce strategy. I am really excited about the products we will be developing and the business that we will be building together.

Adding to this, Darpan Sanghvi, Group Founder & CEO, The Good Glamm Group says “Akshay epitomizes hard work, discipline and age-defying looks based on natural  principles of holistic wellness. We couldn’t think of a more authentic, trusted and knowledgeable partner to develop and launch this unique product line with.”

In October 2021, the Good Glamm Group acquired ScoopWhoop, India’s largest digital media & lifestyle content platform for men, in anticipation of the group’s entry into the fast-growing DTC male grooming and personal care segment. Through ScoopWhoop the Good Glamm Group organically reaches 45% of the men on Facebook and Instagram in India. This joint venture with Akshay Kumar marks the launch of the men’s care category within the Good Glamm Group’s brand portfolio.

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