Spartan Poker unveils its new brand identity


Spartan Poker, India’s leading digital gaming platform, has announced the launch of its new brand identity with a redesigned logo and a tagline, which reflects the true brand identity. With a vision focused on ‘Straight Up Skill’, the new visual identity is designed to represent Spartan Poker as a platform that encourages skill as the biggest equaliser in the game of poker.

Speaking on the refreshed identity, Mr Amin Rozani, founder and managing director of Spartan Poker, said, “The rebranding is an exciting change for Spartan Poker. This initiative will convey the continuing evolution and philosophy of the brand, and proudly highlight the approach we want to communicate about the brand.”

Spartan Poker’s rebranding exercise is the result of a firm belief that skill is the greatest equaliser in the society as well as in poker. The new brand visual identity includes a Golden Spartan Helmet mask, that is a nod to Spartan Poker’s community and has played a big role in the company’s ongoing success. The new, bold and vibrant logo in Golden colour embodies the characteristics of the intellectual and skilled player.

Spartan Poker is breaking stereotypes by positioning the brand as a thought leader in the booming online gaming sector and promising poker players to have the best experience playing on its platform.

Explaining the idea behind the brand revamping, Mr Anuj Barasia, Marketing head of Spartan Poker, said, “Spartan Poker is evolving with the changing times. With the refreshed logo and streamlined brand architecture, Spartan Poker aims to play a meaningful, relevant, and compelling role in the lives of poker enthusiasts. The team is constantly brewing ideas to deliver the best gaming experience to poker players and introducing a fresh look is just one example of how we continue to evolve as country’s best and responsible poker platform.”

The brand identifies the evolving trends in the market and understands the need to innovate and keep up with the change. Therefore, the re-branding would ensure that Spartan Poker is the most-reliable poker platform across the country.

On the rebranding, Co-founder at Blink Digital, Rikki Aggarwal says, “We started with primary research to gauge audience sentiment. Based on our analysis, we redefined every facet of the Spartan core identity, creating a framework for a distinct visual and verbal manifestation. Finally, seeing the rise of online gaming globally, we rose to the occasion to elevate the experience for customers in a bold and contemporary way, reinforcing their belief in skill as the ultimate equaliser in poker and in society. Think: #StraightUpSkill in straight-up style.”

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