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ABP Network becomes the most trusted destination for Election Forecast


ABP Network-CVoter Exit poll has proved its credibility for election forecast once again by deciphering the currents of the electoral politics in India. The exit poll by ABP Network in four states and one union territory (Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Kerala, Puducherry), had predicted a clean sweep for TMC in West Bengal – which pulled off a massive win.

The channel has also forecasted the win of the Left Alliance due to their management of COVID-19 in the state. 

The network has also successfully measured the moods of the voters in the Tamil Nadu and Bihar Assembly Elections.


What’s more is that, on the very crucial counting day, viewers have time again placed their faith in ABP Network’s programming. On 2nd May 2021, ABP Network’s unique users grew by 300% to 23 million from its daily average on ABP Live. Compared to last year’s Bihar Elections counting day, the user base grew by more than 200% and the page views grew by nearly 700% to 76 million from its daily average. (Source: Google Analytics)

On ABP Ananda’s website, the user base multiplied 19 times to 9 million users in a day from its daily average. Its page views also grew exponentially by a whopping 3700% to 37 million on a single day (Source: Google Analytics). These numbers truly reinstate the network’s leadership position in the news genre.


Speaking on the achievement, Mr. Yashawant Deshmukh, Founder CVoter stated “The ABP Network- CVoter tracker is a trendsetter in India now. The opinion mapping which we do on a daily basis helps us in garnering accurate results.  The continuous public opinion mapping has helped ABP Network- CVoter tracker to be a game-changer as far as the media coverage of elections and public opinion is concerned.” 

Apart from the Exit Poll and election forecast, the network has also provided insight and unparalleled access to the viewers through a diversity of content offerings in the form of informative & in-depth panel discussions, analytical reports, interactive, and conclaves, under their special programming.


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