Bio Oil’s Yummilicious walk Shveta Salve, Carol Gracias & 12 Yummy Mummies Sashay the Ramp in Style

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase in a woman’s life, but a lot of mothers-to-be usually shy away from social events during this phase, as they are mindful of the way their body looks. Bio-Oil hosted the #YummiliciousWalk, where in 12 proud mothers-to-be, traversed the ramp with coveted model, Carol Gracias and popular TV actress, Shveta Salve, on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Bio-Oil aims to be a facilitator for expecting mothers to shed their inhibitions and celebrate this beautiful phase of motherhood. What better way than flaunting their flawless baby bump skin. Commenting on the initiative, well-known TV Actor Shveta Salve expressed, “It has been heart-warming to share the stage with such confident and glowing Yummy Mummies. Pregnancy is a wonderful journey that should be cherished and rejoiced. Here’s wishing all the mothers-to-be a Happy Mother’s Day.”

Excited to be around so many Yummy Mummies, Carol Gracias stated, “I think Bio Oil has created a great platform for all expecting mothers to shed their inhibitions. I’m delighted to have been given the opportunity to choreograph the walk with all these gorgeous women! Joining these lovely mothers has been an over-whelming experience. So, all you Yummy Mummies out there go ahead and flaunt your cute baby bumps!”

Also present at the event were celebrity gynaecologist Dr. Kiran Coelho and dermatologist Dr. Rashmi Shetty. Expressing her view on this topic, Dr Coelho added, “I’m extremely happy to see all the Yummy Mummies take the ramp with such confidence. Women often feel conscious of not having the perfect body during their pregnancy. Having a baby is certainly one of the most special feeling for a mother-to-be however the worry of stretch marks during and post-pregnancy is a matter of great concern for her.  Using anti-stretch marks oils such as Bio Oil will certainly make a huge difference”.

The specialists highlighted various concerns related to health and skincare during pregnancy. They shed light on the ideal time after which mothers may start exercising in order to shed their pregnancy weight as well as recommended tips for improving the skin post-pregnancy. “A major worry that every pregnant woman has is, whether the stretch marks are ever going to go. The answer for which is try to minimize stretch marks during pregnancy by regularly applying moisturizers and oils such as Bio Oil, which contain Vitamin E, Lavender, Calendula and Rosemary,” Dr Rashmi Shetty further added. She emphasized on the need for mothers to take as much time as they require, post giving birth, to get back to exercising.

Encouraging women to come out of their shell, boosting their morale and making them feel beautiful was the focus of the event. The brand created a platform for expecting mothers, to help them come out of their cocoon and dazzle the ramp. This Mother’s Day, Bio Oil partnered with Yummy Mummies across the country to encourage them to celebrate and enjoy their pregnancy phase rather than shying away from the world.

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