CenturyPly launches Innovative Solution Firewall Technology

CenturyPly launches Innovative Solution Firewall Technology

CenturyPly has launched Firewall Technology in Architect Ply and Club Prime range of Century Plywood as it continues its association with the Indian Premier League for the second year in a row. The association aims at reaching the brand to audiences throughout the country and targeting consumers above 30 years. Firewall Technology has come from the consistent strenuous efforts of original research work by the organization.

Firewall technology involves the use of nano-engineered particles, that are further embedded in the polymer matrix of a plywood, giving it the best-in-class firefighting properties. Whereas, if ordinary plywood gets ignited, it will be destroyed quickly and becomes the medium to spread fire within minutes. CenturyPly now enriched with Firewall technology is certified as the best-in-class by Indian Standards (IS 5509), British Standard (BS476 Part 7), and American Society for Testing Material (ASTM E84). When measured against critical parameters like smoke-developed index, spreadability, penetration, and flammability. 

The brand has also launched a TVC with film production agency Eeksaurus (regarded as Oscar of Animation). The concept and the script of the film has been provided by creative agency Walter Thompson. Please find the link to the film here.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Keshav Bhajanka, Executive Director, Centuryply said, “ We are deeply concerned about the rising incidences of fire across our country and we have decided to focus on what can be done to address this issue so that our customers continue to derive peace of mind from our solution. The result is this unique Firewall solution, which prepares our plywood to be the best in class to fight the fire and give crucial time to save lives and valuables in case of fire breaking out. We wanted our film to quickly assimilate that Firewall Technology contains fire spread and smoke generation and gives customers crucial time to act. Our advertising agency Walter Thompson has done an excellent job to conceptualize and create the script of the film.”

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