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Dove launches a campaign #StopTheBeautyTest created by Ogilvy India

Madhushree Chakrabarty February 25, 2021

Dove released a new campaign, #StopTheBeautyTest which is created by Ogilvy India. The ad film shows various toxic beauty parameters that a woman has to go through to be ‘called’ beautiful. The film leaves us with lots of questions like is there a limit to the idea of beauty or can beauty be only measured physically or is there someone who makes the standards of beauty?

These beauty practices have been making women losing their self-esteem and cause mental health from the ancient period. Society has been creating judging a girl based on her looks, height, weight, and color so much so that even on the matrimonial sites they scream for these requirements aloud. And, we tend to forget to care for the mental state of a woman for every rejection she faces on the basis of these beauty parameters.

Therefore, Dove is raising its voice against this ugly practice and to #StopTheBeautyTest. The ad features 5 real stories portrayed by 5 real women who share their story of facing such ill-practices on the basis of complexion, birthmark, weight, hair type, and height. These women partnered with Dove to underline the fact: When you look for beauty you will find beauty. When you look for flaws, you will find flaws. 

Hephzibah Pathak – Vice Chairperson & Chief Client Officer, Ogilvy India: “With this campaign, Dove, along with some brave women, provokes a conversation around the practices during the marriage process, that diminish and chip away a woman’s self-worth. Dove believes that beauty should be a source of joy for women. For this intention to have meaning and start getting realized in our culture, we had to choose the moment that matters the most, to inspire change. This is a small step towards achieving the brand’s beautiful ambition of a world where women can enjoy the beauty on their own terms.”

Zenobia Pithawalla – Senior Executive Creative Director & Mihir Chanchani – Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy India: “In India when it comes to a woman and her beauty, she is at her most vulnerable when she is of marriageable age.  90 percent of single women in India feel they are rejected for marriage because of their looks. We decided to intervene at this point, where the woman needs us most. For a young woman, the journey of finding a life partner doesn’t have to turn into an ugly beauty test. Thus, we came up with Dove’s #StopTheBeautyTest campaign. Staying true to the spirit of brand Dove, we worked with real women who were actually rejected on the basis of their looks.  But were brave enough to feature in our campaign as they wanted to do their bit to stop this beauty test.”

Priya Nair, Executive Director, HUL & VP – Beauty, and Personal Care South Asia: “In a country of 631 million women, it is unfortunate that there is such intense pressure to adhere to one definition of beauty. As owners of some of the largest beauty brands in the country, the onus to make beauty more positive and more inclusive is on us. Dove has always believed that beauty should be a source of confidence, not anxiety. With #StopTheBeautyTest, we want to go one step forward in that direction.”

Catch the heart-wrenching film here.


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