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ITC Mangaldeep launches ‘Conversation with God’

MediaInfoline November 13, 2018

ITC’s incense stick brand, Mangaldeep, launches a unique ‘slice of life’ campaign that depicts everyday conversations with God. With Bhumika Chawla as the protagonist, the brand delves into moments amidst the daily hustle and bustle of life that essentially provides an opportunity for a serene prayer and an intimate conversation with the almighty. The campaign also highlights the unique positioning of ITC’s Mangaldeep, which through its range of divinely fragranced incense sticks brings about a sense of calm and comfort when the mind is anxious.

The film opens with Bhumika Chawla amidst the daily morning rush at home, handling myriad aspects of a household and yet making time for a short but anxious prayer. The moment she lights the fragranced Mangaldeep incense sticks, a sense of calm prevails for a natural and peaceful conversation with God.

Watch the TVC : here

The campaign reflects the core essence of Mangaldeep – to help enable everyday prayers with its range of fragranced incense sticks (agarbatti), dhoop and Sambrani designed to calm the mind and practise devotion.

Speaking about the campaign, Mr. Ravi Rayavaram, Chief Executive, Agarbatti & Safety Matches business, ITC Limited, said “Mangaldeep’s ‘Conversation with God’ campaign reflects the spiritual core of every Indian. Devotion, prayer and invoking good for everyone, is a way of life for many.   This simple life truth promoted by Mangaldeep through its recent campaign is rooted in its core brand philosophy of enabling every individual’s pursuit of devotion. Bhumika Chawla, personifies the life of every Indian woman and the challenging morning moments in her life. She reflects the simplicity and purity of Mangaldeep.”

Vivek Shenoy, Principal Consultant, R K SWAMY BBDO said “The brand intent of this campaign is to deeply entrench itself in the everyday prayer space and with this commercial, we wanted to communicate how the magic of Mangaldeep’s fragrance makes this the perfect prayer moment. Unlike in a temple where there is a devotional ambience, in her everyday prayer space, the consumer struggles to connect with god unperturbed. In today’s day and age, prayer is often rushed, distracted and mechanical…even when we sit down to do it, a parallel monologue runs in the head that has nothing to do with connecting with the divine. The right fragrance can transform the mental state, creating the climate for that connection.”

Available across retail outlets in India, ITC Mangaldeep is the second largest agarbatti brand in India and the only agarbatti brand with a large national presence.


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