Moonbow strengthens its range of UV water purifiers

Moonbow Evinos Plus UV water purifier

Moonbow from the house of Hindware recently launched Evinos UV and Evinos Plus UV, India’s most powerful UV water purifiers. These UV range of water purifiers have been certified by world renowned German certification lab TUV for removing up to 100 crore microbes per 1 litre of water as against 1 crore microbes removal by ordinary aluminium based UV water purifiers. The water purifiers are designed for areas with TDS levels up to 200 ppm to ensure essential minerals are not depleted while water is being purified.
For the first time in India, water purifiers are equipped with a single body stainless steel UV Sterilizer. This makes the purifier’s performance much more efficient and ensures zero leakage of UV rays. It further protects from unhealthy leaching of heavy metals like aluminum and lead in water, thus making the water 100% safe and healthy.
For the first time in the industry, a water purifier brand offers lifetime warranty on its stainless steel UV sterilizer thereby reassuring consumers of its performance.
Priced at INR 11,990 and INR 12,990 respectively, Moonbow Evinos UV and Evinos Plus UV are online water purifiers with a high purification rate of 2 liters per minute. The water purifiers boast of a 3-stage chemical free water purification system which retains natural minerals and the taste of water. The water purifiers come equipped with a consumer friendly touch screen interface with indicators for Filter Replacement, Failure Alert, Purification, Dispense Ready and Main Faucet On/Off.
Evinos Plus UV comes with elegant chrome finish display with beautiful designed drip tray and combination of halo effect. It also has a clock indicator which displays the current time.

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