realme unveils the brand’s new tagline as well future visions, ‘Dare to Leap’

Dare to leap realme New tagline

realme unveiled the brand’s new tagline – Dare to Leap. Better echoing the aspirations and unique personality traits of realme’s focused demographic, the younger generation, ‘Dare to Leap’ will replace brand’s previous tagline, ‘proud to be young.’

The world as we know it, functions with class-based rules and the younger generation is required to abide by the same, without having created such directives and hegemonies. Not the ones to take the diktats sitting down, the younger generation has adopted the attitude of “dare to leap,” and is overturning the rigid structures to make room for innovation and progress.

Commenting on the expansion, Madhav Sheth, Chief Executive Officer, realme India said, “Dare to leap is the unifying attribute of the young generation across different eras. They grow and constantly surpass themselves, break limits and refresh the rules, and they create while constantly pushing the times forward. As a company propelled by the youngsters, we not only uniquely understand our target market but also share the same attitudes. India is one of the most dynamic and youngest markets in the world, and under our ‘India-First’ strategy, realme believe that Indian consumers has the right attitude to change the world and the brand is proud to grow side-by-side with its young fans.”

Taking a leap on product experience, realme has a leap-forward configuration among competing products, providing many “firsts in different price segments” such as full screens with outstanding screen-to-body ratios, large battery, flagship camera experience, and advanced processors.

With the new tagline, realme is also pushing towards a leap-forward experience across its product quality and after-sale services, to take a leap beyond the set parameters around the younger generation and grow into an industry disruptor. With the current presence in over 8000 stores across India, the brand has over 283 service centers and will open 25 exclusive service centers by end of this year. Consumers can also enjoy “Call me” service with the free courier and device pick-up service.

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