Street Wear® Cosmetics Reinitiates With A Bang® Cosmetics Relaunches With A Bang

Street Wear® Cosmetics Reinitiates With A Bang® Cosmetics Relaunches With A Bang

With the rapidly changing consumer behaviour, Streetwear Cosmetics aims to connect with today’s consumers who want to break the stereotypes of beauty, success, gender roles, behaviour, age and love. Street Wear is relaunching with a focus on high-quality products backed by the brand idea #NodoubtNoLimits

Street Wear aims to give every consumer the confidence to celebrate their individual beauty & values, unlike other brands which believe in celebrating celebrities. In an age when antiquated ideas and stereotypes about beauty are being cast aside, Streetwear with this relaunch is on the go to shift cultural norms. Street Wear® believes in the core values of inclusivity, curiosity, rebel, and yet friendly. The brand aims to enable individuals to live with confidence through #Nodoubtsnolimits’, thus charting a new course for oneself, not trying to fit into predefined boxes.

To amplify the relaunch, Street Wear® will engage in an influencer campaign with the theme #Lipsdontshy and will be working with influencers, and bloggers across social media platforms, where they can express their creativity through lip art. Furthermore, a powerful brand video will also be launched to bring the brand essence alive by reinstating the significance of expressing and embracing one’s uniqueness at home, work, or on the streets.

Street Wear® Cosmetics Relaunches With A BangThe new range of products spans multiple make-up categories, using unique formulations extremely suitable for the Indian skin type and in sync with the aspirations of the highly aware new-age consumers who embrace new ideas. It’s all new long wear stay-on foundation, which has an oil-free formula, is sweat-free and long lasting, will allow consumers to face the world confidently.

Commenting on the relaunch, Mr Umesh Modi, Chairman Umesh Modi Group said “We continue to invest in the Indian beauty market with the best of Global brands. With the new look Street Wear, we offer the modern consumers with not only world class products but also a brand they connect with – the one which makes them break the stereotypes on beauty, gender, skin color, roles & behaviour. Street Wear will continue innovating and launching many new color cosmetics products in the coming months”

Streetwear will be available on all major e-commerce platforms and retail stores across India. Streetwear is also entering a unique distribution partnership with Nykaa D.

Street Wear® Lip2Last Matte Liquid Lipstick, available in 14 shades, priced at 499 INR; Street Wear® Playful Matte Lip Crayon, available in 10 shades, priced at 449 INR; Street Wear® Satin Smooth Lipstick, available in 25 shades, priced at 499 INR; Street Wear® Matte Lipstick, in 15 shades, priced at 499 INR; Street Wear® Lip Liner, available in 3 shades priced at 399; Street Wear® Fruity Balm, available in 2 sheer tints priced at 199 INR ; 4 shades of Street Wear® Foundation, priced at 499 INR; 3 shades of Street Wear®  Compact, priced at 499 INR; Street Wear® Mascara priced at 449 INR; Street Wear® Eyeliner Kajal priced at 199 INR and Street Wear® Gloss Nail Enamel & Street Wear®  Matte Nail Enamel, available in 40 shades, priced at 175.

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