Super Cute’s WonderThinz Diaper Pants – Ultra thin diapers for active babies

WonderThinz is India’s first ever ultra-thin premium baby diaper pants

Super Cute’s brings WonderThinz, India’s first-ever ultra-thin premium baby diaper pants, with which Moms and dads can now turn to take care of their babies. These diapers are one-of-a-kind products that are lightweight, super-soft, and slim and which allows the baby to remain active and happy throughout the day.

Super Cute’s offers just the right product that keeps your baby at ease with an unparalleled level of comfort. Diapers are usually used once and become bulky which makes it difficult for the baby to move. But with Super Cute’s diapers, the story changes as with these unique diapers and their Super Bubble Technology, it absorbs the liquid evenly which makes the baby feel light and active. The WonderThinz diapers come with a 5-layer gel core technology which allows the diaper to be extremely thin so babies can always be playful.

These ultra-thin diapers are equipped with a Wetness Indicator helping the parents know when the diaper needs to be changed. It, therefore, reduces any chance of the occurrence of rashes.

Parents can enjoy a much simpler and enjoyable journey with their babies, with Super Cute’s, WonderThinz. Make the ideal choice and keep your child chirpy all day. Choose Super Cute’s diapers for your baby because as a parent, you want the best for your kid.

WonderThinz is available in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large size packs at Rs. 13, Rs. 14, Rs 15, and Rs. 16, respectively. These products are available online at leading marketplaces like AmazonFlipkart, and Snapdeal and also in your general stores.

Soothe Healthcare has created various avatars for Super Cute’s including Wondershorts, Wonderthinz, Wonder Pullups, and Wonderskirts. The brand understands that active babies need different diapers as normal diapers can hold them back from being happy and curious. The brand believes that babies deserve the very best to be their very best.

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